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Published: 2021-09-27 09:55:03
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What Was The Fashionable sass Man Wearing? In the ass's life was changing in America. Due to the war, Europe had stopped producing fashion, this gave American designers a chance to show what they were capable of. As the wartime restrictions on fabric eased and America's economy improved, the population was able to express themselves through Men and Woman's fashion. There were certain elements of men's fashion in the sass that were standard amongst the general American population. As the war time restrictions on fabric tapered off fashion became more broad.
Pleated Pants that had the big double pleats in the front, and a wide, full leg, a skinny tie and the cardigan sweater. " In America, Esquire introduced the "Bold Look, with wide shoulders, broad lapels. "(http:// incur. Com/a/union? Gallery). Because of the growing economy there was time for leisure. Men had separate clothes for leisure and work. "The suit was worn mainly for the office or heading out on the town"(http://incur. Com/a/union? Gallery'). In America after WWW there was great social and cultural change. Popular culture exploded due to mass media and consumerism.
The sass brought in a number of subcultures with their own fashion. Many of these subcultures derived from musicians and movie stars like 'James Dean' and 'Elvis Presley, they were linked with gangs, rebellion and the teenage desire to be different. For example, The Greaser, was a style that originated amongst teenagers and young men in northeastern and southern United States. A Greaser was very well groomed, the hair was slicked back, and they wore motor cycle Jackets, white T-shirts and blue denim Shares with the cuffs rolled up. The music genre associated with the Greasers was Rock n Roll.

Musicians like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Haley, and Archie Valves were huge influences on the style. "Up until the sass, men were rarely seen out and about without a hat sitting upon their head. "(http://www. Artificialness. Com/2008/03/01 [bringing-back-the-hat/). During the sass the wearing of hats declined. On the other hand the sass was considered the best era for men's hairdressing. Hairstyles were divided into the conservative, the short and the wild Rock n Roll . The main influence behind all the hairstyles was popular music and film stars.
Due to the war, short haircuts like the military, crew cut and the ivy league haircuts were still in fashion. The conservative and rock n roll hairstyles used pomade to slick back the hair and create a shiny and greasy look. Pomade was used in many popular hairstyles like the pompadour, comber and the ducks erase. The popularity of sideburns rapidly increased due to Elvis Presley, and subcultures such as Greasers had side burns symbolizing post pubescent manliness. Omens shoes did not change much around the decades surrounding the sass. Men's shoes were made from leather and were typically a singular color.
Dress shoes were usually Wingtips or Brogue's. Twelve Angry Men is a sass production. I have researched men's fashion in the sass, and so it would be practical to use it in the production. Wearing the correct fashion from the sass would help understand the setting better and enhance the characters personalities. The characters in the production are from a variety of different working backgrounds and social statuses. It would be very effective to use dress as a label for the different personalities on the stage. It is important in drama to exaggerate, so the audience can understand the message being sent through by the director.
Table 1 . The Characters in Twelve Angry Men (http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Twelve_Angry_Men) Table 1 shows the occupations and the personality traits of the characters in Twelve Angry Men. The costume designer can choose a costume for each of the characters based on occupation social status that I have found in my research. For example the house painter, a blue color worker. The costume designer could put him in a suit room the sass, without all of the sass fashionable changes, because he unlikely to be able to afford a more modern suit.
This would help the audience to recognize his social status through his dress. If we decided to change the setting of the production, the research would not be wasted, even though fashion has changed since the sass. From my research I have found the important factors that influence fashion are mass media, consumerism, popular music and celebrities. These are still relevant today. If the play, for example, was set in 2014, these features will inform the fashion worn by the characters.

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