300 Prosecitions by Bloody Mary

Published: 2021-09-28 01:50:03
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Beginning in 1555 after Parliament brought back the act to allow the killing of heretics, Bloody Mary attempted to change England (Queen 2). One of the ways that Queen Mary Tudor earned her title as Bloody Mary was because she mass-murdered about three-hundred or so Protestants. Mary was Catholic and wanted England to remain as Roman Catholic. The first person to be burned at the stake was John Rogers who was the brains behind printing the Matthews-Tyndale Bible.
Followed by Rogers was Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury was executed for the Great Bible (Queen “Bloody” Mary 2). People who took the side of the “heretics” were also arrested and eventually killed. Religious leaders publicized their ideas and disagreed with Mary; they tried to persuade people that horrible rulers should not continue to be a tyrant but instead resist against them (Queen 2). Other people also burned included Nicholas Ridley; Bishop of London, Hugh Latimer; Bishop of Worcester, John Philpot; Archdeacon of Westminster, and John Hooper; Bishop of Gloucester.
The executed victims came from all sorts of backgrounds except the nobility, in the sense that poor ordinary regular people were killed. The educated people and preachers were not burned everyday (Queen 2). Once a person had been convicted of heresy, they did not have an opportunity to confess. This outraged people and brought an ill feeling towards the burnings. People were against it because normally someone would have a chance, even right before being burned to confess and apologize, or recant (Queen 3).

Overall, Bloody Mary earned the title from her angry English country after the murder of 300 Protestants and Protestant leaders along with eight hundred fled to Germany and Switzerland. It all ended along with her lonely death in 1558. (Biography 4) Works Cited "Queen “Bloody” Mary. " GREATSITE. COM: antique Bibles, rare Bibles, ancient Bible leaves. 23 Feb. 2009. Greatsite Marketing. 23 Feb. 2009 . "Queen Mary. " 23 Feb. 2009 . "Biography of Mary Tudor, Bloody Mary. " Essortment Articles: Free Online Articles on Health, Science, Education & More. 2002. 23 Feb. 2009 .

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