A Case Study for a Mexican Restaurant

Published: 2021-10-01 03:35:06
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      The managers of an organization can be able to solve problems by acquiring enough knowledge from relevant sources such as seeking the for the experts advice, attending seminars and workshops so as to gain knowledge and skills of managing a business. The manager can also solve problems of organizations by having knowledge of the organizational processes and the quality management tools. This tools help the managers to know how solve the problems.
      In the case of the Mexican restaurant the reasons why the customers were not satisfied by the services that they were being given were that: the restaurant managements did not utilize its management tools and techniques properly. Pareto analysis tool is a graphical representation that shows how frequently the events of an organization occur. The managements pare to analysis tool was not effective because the management did not solve the problem of congestion of the organization since the customers had to queue outside the premises of the restaurant. The run chart displays the observed data in a time sequence .The restaurants run chart was ineffective since the restaurant did not have an adequate parking space for vehicles of the customers thus they felt un easy to park their cars away from the restaurant as this would have posed a great risk for their car as it would have been stolen if the customers did not watch it carefully. The run chart should have helped the management solve the problem of congestion in the restaurant.
 The managements check sheet was not properly kept because the waiter did not have a record of the number of customers who entered the restaurant as this would have helped him determine the number of customers who visited the restaurant as this would have enabled him to know the exact number of foods that would have been prepared and at what time of the day before the customers arrived at the restaurant. . The organization did not have a proper way of communicating information thus the brainstorming technique was not effectively used since the waiter did other odd jobs such as preparing some foodstuffs without the permission of the chief chef and this brought conflicts in the organization. The waiter’s performance was poor since he not use check list tool as it would have enabled him to know how he delivered his services to his customers.

      A histogram it is a graphical display of the tabulated frequencies. It shows the proportion of cases that fall in each of the category of events. The restaurants management failed to use histogram in its business since a menu book that would have indicated the foods would have been prepared prior to the arrival of the customers. The histogram would have enabled the waiter to know the foods that were frequently ordered and this would have solved the problem of the customer’s desire of waiting for the preparation of the foodstuffs
            The aspects of the service that contributed to the restaurant’s cost of quality were: prevention, appraisal, internal and external failure costs
      Where the business has an inadequate investment in the quality management it can incur excessive costs due to poor quality of goods and services produced. In the case of the Mexican restaurant it had a poor way of serving its customers because the waiter served his food stuffs without the customers’ knowledge of what was being offered in the restaurant and this led to the customers’ dissatisfaction of their services and later lead to low profits for the business.
      The service cost that the restaurant incurred were prevention cost these were costs that were designed to prevent service deficiencies or defects in the business. The management did not prevent the problem of congestion by expanding the restaurant so as to accommodate the incoming customer and thus they incurred a lot of cost in trying to maintain the customers in the business.
      Inspection costs are costs that are used to measure evaluate or audit service to identify deficiencies to meet the customers’ demands. The management failed to identify the problems of the customers and hence was not able to meet the needs of the customers such as improving the quality of the food stuffs and the quality of its service to the customers was not up to standard thus it incurred the cost of having to identify the needs of the customers and then to implement them into the restaurant.
      Internal failure costs are costs that evaluate and correct the identified deficiency in services before completion of the tasks. The problems of inadequate space of the restaurant was not identified and thus lead to the business incurring losses due to losing customer from the business who got tired of waiting to served .
      External failure costs are costs that evaluate, and correct deficiencies in services after the documents are released to the client or field. The business incurred costs of trying to rectify the problem of congestion of the business and on improving the performance of the business. The management of the restaurant should have identified the problems that the business had so as to take the necessary measures so as to curb the problems.
      The meaningful standards of service for the restaurant are that it should have maintained the highest possible available and quality service and provided an objective quantitative assessment of the customers, process and told factors that defined the businesses ability to deliver its services. The management should have wisely ensured that it gave its customers the best service since this determined the success of the business.
The management should have reviewed the current state of the business so as to identify the problems in the business then defined the way forward for improving the performance of the business. It should have   provided a cost effective service delivery to the customers. The cost of delivering services to the customers should not have been more than the benefits that would have been accrued from the business. The other standards service that the restaurant   management was to   identify the objectives and goals of the organization so as to ensure that the business was gearing its efforts towards to achieving them.
            The management was to identify the gaps and issues that needed to be addressed and then to priotise on the benefits and time horizon of the issues that needed to be rectified and to priotize the investments that were needed so as to avoid downtime mitigate risks and save money as a result of taking corrective actions so as to avoid risk from occurring.
      The management should have employed qualified personnel who could handle the big number of incoming customers in the business and thus improve on the performance of the business.
      The restaurant checklist should have had a daily run checklist that indicates the list of things that are required in the restaurant and how they are be done each day. The list should have three sections. First section should be the opening section this consists of the things that should be done by the employees who are responsible for opening the restaurant during the opening hours. It should include cleaning, stocking and anything that needs to be done as far as the restaurant is concerned. It shows the employee what he or she should do when the customer comes in the restaurant.
      The second daily run checklist should be a shift checklist for each of the shifts or the service periods of each employee. The lists of activities that need to be done at this level during the day are preparing foods, cooking and cleaning the restaurant.
      The third part of the checklist should be for the people who are responsible for closing the restaurant. The employees should make sure that all the activities and things done to shut down the restaurant down for the night are done and the next day’s activities are prepared for in advance.
      An always checklist indicates the things that the employees need to know such as permanent settings for lights and temperature, permanent rules regarding operations of the restaurant and various policies that each employee needs to know such as the opening and working hours and the working days of the week.
      A special checklist is one that caters for events that are not planned for such as a large party of a family in the restaurant or when a portion of the restaurant has been rented for a special event.
      The redesign of the customers’ survey card is that it should be designed in to a balance scorecard manner that helps a business translate its vision and strategy in to action. This design system changes the customer perspective ratings in to the learning or growth perspective, business process perspective and the financial perspective. Since the customer satisfaction record had been measured by price, overall value and customer service and a company was  measured along a scale of 1-5 representing, excellent, very good average, below average or poor. A survey solution can help a manager to survey the customers and employees, to gather data, conduct powerful online analysis and implement change to improve on the satisfaction scores
Due to the above problems in the organizations the manager should have implemented the following so as to be able to manage the problems in the organization the include pareto chart, histogram and check sheet these are used to check on the environment of the restaurant while the scatter diagram and run chart are used to check on the service environment.
      Pareto analysis tool is a graphical representation that shows how frequently the problems occur in an organization. The manager of the restaurant should have used the Pareto chart so as help him  focus on events that occur frequently such as customers attendance which was increasing daily and his would have enabled him to take the necessary action of eliminating the problems of congestion in the organization. The waiter should have used the Pareto analysis tool to determine the kind of foods that were being ordered frequently so as to avoid the rushing the last minute to prepare meals when the customers arrived.
      A histogram is another tool that the manager would have used to overcome the problem of the business. It is a graphical display of the tabulated frequencies. It shows the proportion of cases that fall in each of the category of events. When the histogram is used the waiter can recognize the number of foods that are ordered thus he can take measures of ensuring food is always ready for all its customers and at the right time.
      A check sheet or a tally sheet is another tool that the management would have used to solve its problems. This tool is used to collect data in real-time and at the location where the data is generated. It is used for easy, quick and efficient recording of all the desired information. The waiter should have used this tool so as to determine the different kinds of foods that were frequently ordered and the number of customers who came in to the business and the time they arrived in the premises so as to curb any problem of congestion.
      A scatter diagram is another tool that would have been used to solve the problems of the organization. This tool is used to determine the relationship that exists between the two variables in case the aggregate data points contained a slope that slopes upwards and to the right it indicated that the business was operating successfully.
      Another tool that the manager could have used to solve the problems of the organization is use a run chart. This run chart is a graph that displays the observed data in a time sequence. The data displayed represents the number of customers who frequently attend the restaurant. Thus if the manager used the tool to determine how frequently the customers visited his restaurant then they would have expanded his business so as to accommodate all the customers who came to the business. The run chart would also have helped the waiter to know the types of foods that were frequently ordered by the customers and at what time of the day so as to avoid hurrying up to prepare the foods for their customers.
The management should have employed more staff into the business so that they would be able to handle the big number of customers since the business was located at a strategic place where customers could easily access their services. The management should also have clearly stated the duties and roles of each employee so as to avoid conflict of interest since this would have ensured that the employees did not quarrel over small issues.


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