Reflection Essay on Attendance Monitoring System

Published: 2021-09-28 10:20:03
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This advancement and improvement however, requires us to follow it. Like Countries for example, Countries need to cope in the technological change this advancement brings in order to Stay relevant. But Of course some countries however are less fortunate, just look at our country, the Philippines. The Philippines is a, let's admit it, a poor country. Governed by poor officials. This results in a lackluster change Technologically speaking and thus, leaves the Philippines in the dust when it comes to technological advancement. Compared to other far more advanced countries, our Country pales in imprison.
This gap in technological advancement results in mediocre establishments, businesses, public schools etc. But what is the reason for this? The Government is one thing, but there has to be another reason on why our Country lacks or let's say falls behind in regards to Technology. We need to look a little deeper, first of all, we lack funds, investments, we are just mere followers and we are not the innovators, at least, technologically speaking. In order to overcome this however, even by at least by a small margin, we need to start from the bottom. It all starts with the employees,
Better employees Better and much more work done. Looks simple enough, but I think this is where we need to start. How do we make the employees better though? By their attendance. Attendance is an integral part to know if your employee is working at a high level or if they are working enough. At first glance, this may sound easy enough. Some will probably say that checking an employees attendance is easy, but with our current manual systems, is it accurate? As stated above, we are technologically behind than other countries, they are probably using automated systems that eases the job of everybody.

While here, most, but of course NOT ALL of the establishments and companies are using manual systems that takes a lot of time and effort. Now, THAT is where this system comes in. Background of the Study As stated in our long introduction above, the technological gap between the Philippines and other Countries serves as the backbone and the background of this study. Of course this helps out in our study, and is the main reason we aim to do this system. Statement of objectives Our objective is simple, ease the work done, but also improving the work and increasing the work done overall.

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