Bullying: The Worst Social Problem in the U.S.

Published: 2021-09-28 10:20:03
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A social problem is when the public or some segment of the public perceives a condition or a bad situation as a problem to the whole society. I think that one of the worst social problems in the United States of America is bullying. Bullying can affect everyone that is involved including the person being bullied, the bully, and the bystander. It can only have a negative effect on people's lives, and usually bullying comes from an outside source which is making the bully act in such a disgusting manner.
In America's youth, bullying has progressively become a bigger problem over the past years. There are many different types of bullying that can be done like physical bullying, mental bullying, or something lie cyber bullying. Kids who are bullied usually end up with negative problems down the road in their lives. Kids who are bullied are very likely to experience things like depression or anxiety, feeling sad and lonesome in the world, negatively changed sleeping and eating habits, and just lack of generally caring about anything.
Being bullied instantly results in the student being picked on dropping their grades in their classes. This would happen because the kid will start to skip school or class just so that they could avoid any chance of seeing that bully, so they will not be abused for another time. Many of the kids being bullied could resort to something like violence and that is never the answer. An example is, most of every school shooting in history was motivated by one person picking on the person doing the terrible act off school shooting.

If a kid bullies in the young art of their life, the aggression will most likely carry on into the latter stages of their life as well. Kids who bully a lot in school are more likely to abuse alcohol or other drugs when they get older and more mature. They also tend to get in to doing bad things like get into fights, vandalize property, and even drop out of school completely. When bullies get older as adults, they generally tend to be the ones that are getting pulled over by the policemen and getting tickets and citations, and many of them also turn out to commit stupid crimes and get locked away for them.
Because bullies are always filled with rage for their entire lives, they sometimes take their rage out on their significant other and perform an act of domestic violence on them. Domestic violence is a major problem in our country. Kids who witness bullying and then do nothing about it can also be greatly traumatized by what they have seen with their eyes. It messes with them to the point where they have to rely on something like cigarettes or drugs and alcohol to keep the calm and not worried about it.
They usually have problems with anxiety and sometimes oppression later on in their life because of the events they watched and did nothing about. Bystanders will also drop out of school or start to skip class because watching another person get treated so poorly by another person has become too much of a burden for them to bear. When people are bullied their suicide risk automatically goes up. Being bullied makes a person feel normalized and separated from society completely. I believe that every person needs a support group because without one, it is hard to retain a positive outlook on life.
This can lead to loneliness, and a person will start to contemplate if their life is really worth living. If somebody is not of the norm then they will usually be made fun of or bullied because of their difference. That will also contribute to feeling alone, and being alone makes a person think about everything very thoroughly, then they come to the conclusion in their head that they are not good enough for this world. Physical bullying is a terrible form of bullying. It involves a person hitting another person, hurting another person, or destroying or stealing someone's possessions.
In physical bullying, the same victim is targeted many different times, the bully IS attempting to hurt, embarrass, or intimidate another person, and the bully usually picks a target that is smaller than him so that he has a definite chance of winning. Accessibility is when a child or teenager is harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened or tormented using digital technology. It can happen on the internet and also over the phone through text messages or phone calls. When a person gets bullied over the internet or through text it is different from getting physically bullied.
The accessibility messes with their mind and they are often damaged psychologically from it. Cyber bullying can lead to terrible things like self-harm, severe depression, and even suicide. Bullying is a major problem in the United States of America's schools. It needs to be stopped because everyone involved is seriously hindered by the psychological effects of bullying, and then it is hard for them to grow and mature as normal human beings. Children react easily to physical and mental harassment and their need to be harsher consequences for people that get caught bullying.

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