Burning man festival vs. Quiverfull movement

Published: 2021-09-28 11:35:03
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Members Of the Quivers movement should be admired for the dedication they put into what they believe is right. They also cause harm in several ways, including homecomings, not having enough money to care for each child, and the affect it is creating on the environment. In comparison to the Burning Man festival, its flaws are there is a lot of partying, sex, and drugs, along with the use of gallons of fossil fuels. Its positive attributes are it causes less damage because it represents unity between people and their ability to express themselves through their artwork.
The members of the Quivers movement should be respected, because their religious beliefs require much faith. They are motivated by what the bible says and firmly believe that God is in control. They adopt this lifestyle, because in the Bible it says to "be fruitful and multiply' (13). This statement can be looked at among many different perspectives. The members of this movement believe God will decide when you are done having children. One mother describes this movement as "God is bringing revelation on the world. He wants to raise up His army, He wants His children to be"(1 3).
In that case, if a woman uses any source of birth control, she is going against what God has intended. Also, since God is in control, overpopulation is not a problem, because He will provide a new earth. One woman that is a part of the Quivers movement said, "Children are a blessing, a reward, an inheritance. Don't worry about money... Because God will provide for his flock" (14). Members of this movement take pride in their children and see them as a gift from God. They cherish the idea of the greater amount of children each Christian family has, the bigger the Christian immunity will become.

However, this movement also has flaws. One is homecomings. The thought of homecomings six children or more everyday seems strenuous. In the article, one woman said she believes "home- schooling movements are a sign of revival" (13). She also says that there is too much selfishness in this world and people will do anything just to make their lives easier. I disagree with her Statement because if you hemlocks your children, they won't be able to spread the word of God to others. If your kids are homesteaded, how will your children make friends other than at church?
When it comes times for these children to go to college, they will not know how to react to people that do not have the same world views as them. They will be so used to being around their siblings, and will not know any different from what they have been taught to believe. In my opinion, it is more beneficial for children to go to a real school where they can socialize with other children other than their siblings. Sheltering your kids for eighteen years can ultimately harm them when they go off into the real world and are not used to the variety of beliefs.
The second way the Quivers movement is problematic is that it can be very expensive to raise a large number of children. First of all, babies require many necessities in order to stay healthy such as baby formula, diapers, a crib, and clothes. As they start to grow up they will need bigger clothes and shoes, car seats, and a bigger bed. Imagine having to provide this for six or more children. Likewise, little kids also tend to need a lot of food. The amount of food you would need just for one meal can be very expensive.
Having to provide that many meals each week can become unhealthy and might not give your children the full nutrition they need. The article talks about how the Quivers movement is based on faith. They must have faith that God wont give woman "more children than they can handle," and that they will receive multiple "blessings" if they open themselves up (14). They have faith that God will provide clothes for their children, and their husbands will get better jobs if they submit to this lifestyle. Living a lifestyle where you are constantly relying on other people for support can be very stressful and demanding.
The third reason that this movement can be harmful to the environment is if each family started having so many children, this could lead to overpopulation. More schools would have to be built, and families would need bigger houses and more cars for transportation. The problem with this is that our society does not have the resources it would need to care for that many people. There are already thousands of people that go to bed hungry every night. For example, in China, you are only allowed to have one child per family because of the problem of overpopulation.
If there countries already are dealing with this issue, adding to this number would not be beneficial to that problem. In the article, one woman states that in her belief system God is going to provide us with a new earth, and our only job is to 'be fruitful and multiply' (13). For that reason, she believes we don't need to worry about overpopulation being a problem. People of this movement are not taking into account the issues that can bring on our society. The Burning Man festival also exhibits some flaws. One flaw is that there is a lot of partying, sex, and drugs involved. This can lead to many different physical and sexual problems.
For example, if people are going around having sex with other people they do not know, this could put them at risk of many diseases. People come to this event with a desire for union and communion. After they get there, their desire turns into a want for eccentric behavior. For example, Johnson says that as the workers are setting up for the festival, everyone is very kind and caring towards one another. When the crowd arrives, the "energy begins to corrupt' and the people become hedonistic (23). Johnson describes this as 'the fall" and that 'the Playa is the very theater of their acting out" (23).
Another flaw the Burning Man festival exhibits is that it requires thousands of gallons of fossil fuels, twelve- volt batteries, generators, and computerized reservations of rental trucks and Revs. Johnson makes a good point about how the event is an experiment in "radical self- reliance," yet it uses all of those things (22). This is hypocritical to the purpose of the festival, because it is supposed to be a place to get away from the worldly matter and adapt to the culture. Johnson discusses that the organizers should commit to the idea of "burning green" as the theme one year.
By doing this, they would ban generator- powered installations and limit Revs to one per site. However, the Burning Man festival causes less harm and has a more positive influence on those who attend. Why would someone want to camp out in the desert for eight days anyways? The motive behind the Burning Man festival is to develop new relationships and to learn to live in harmony with the planet. It is a place where people can go to get away from everyday life. Feldman says in his article that people go to "see a shared unman impetus for radicalized gatherings relating to the desire for freedom and transformation" (18).
He compares Burning Man to the Jewish religion in that the festival is like the Sabbath because both yearn for a better world. He states "the creation of this separate reality in time and place heightens the experience of being alive and awakens the desire for a better world, precisely because we are temporarily taken out of our usual routines and surroundings" (19). This idea is compared to the Garden of Eden in that for that week they are "the dust of the earth" waiting for transformation. Another positive aspect of the Burning man festival is the artwork.
Johnson talks about the different types of artwork and how each one is vastly different than the next. He explains the many different textures, materials, sizes, and styles he admires. Johnson appreciates that the art in the Burning man festival is an expression of love instead of narcissism. The Burning Man website claims that "participants found significant new relations pips or resolve to undertake ambitious projects as a result of their experience" (21 People do not come to this festival to show off their creativity but rather to lid relationships through it.

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