Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

Published: 2021-09-28 18:20:03
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Although these are the main characteristics found in this article, I think there are much more o the characteristics to online learners then meet the eye. (British Journal of Education Volvo 44 No 5 2013) In the article Exploring the link among entry characteristics, participation behaviors, and course outcomes of online learners by Reran Housework and Arcane Top, talks about how the entry' characteristics of early online learners were older, male, employed students, (THOMPSON 1 998) but as online learning progressed all ages, sexes and employment status used online learning as the way they furthered education. Dabbing 2007) Participation behaviors of online learners were described in the article as people who possessed more knowledge of online communication tools like blobs and interactive tools had increased knowledge of how online learning worked. The articled also stated that learners that had knowledge of CM tools tend to interact more than other online learners. (Goodwin et al 2008) Course Outcomes have a large effect on online learners. An online leaner tends to return to learning and tell about the experience if they are satisfied with the outcome of their achievements during their online experience.
While I read this article thought about my own experience of wanting to learn online. I found I too possessed several of the characteristics described in the article. Although I found the article a bit one sided as to age, gender, and backgrounds, I did think that the article pointed out as online learning progresses the characteristics seem not to have the same in commons as it once did was a very good point to make showing that more and more people of all sexes, ages and backgrounds are turning to online learning just as they would face to face learning.
Reading this article made me want to work harder on my degree. It made me want to study harder, to learn as much as I could so can show that online learning is not just for smart, male, employed people like it once was. That it is for all people who want to learn and achieve their goals. Anyone that wants to pursue an online education can do it; they just have to want it. The conclusions in the article were accurate for the time it was written, it was objective to all online learners and was well written and articulated. The Scriptures teach us that anyone can learn and be taught.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. " Characteristics of online learners are similar to everyone in some aspect of life. I have learned that everyone makes their own path, their own goals, and achievements. Reading this article on the topic of characteristics of online learners showed me how I can be a better online student, ask for more out of my time as an online learner, and want more as an online learner. Want to strive to learn more, give more, and ask more questions in my online learning and in my everyday life.
I will make my online learning experience the best it can be. I will achieve my goal of earning a degree and I will make a better life for me and my family. Reading this article has given me more passion and more drive that I can earn this degree and I can have my cake and eat it too. Characteristics of online learners may be similar to most online learners, but have learned that even though entry characteristics, participation behaviors, and course outcomes may have an effect on online learning outcomes, as individuals we learn differently and want different things out of our online earning experiences.
Online learning is unique experience and it takes planning, organization, and dedication to be an online learner, we can all do it and we can all achieve our goals if we put our minds to it. In our life as children we have really always been online learners, just not on the internet. We learned from the lines in the Bible, we learned from the line in our school books, and we have learned from our parents. If you apply all that you have learned in your life to your online learning you will be a Successful Online Learner.

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