Chinese Civilization

Published: 2021-09-27 15:10:03
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The brilliant culture of the Chinese empire definitely had many contributions that are still being used in the world today. China's first civilization, like the other civilizations in the past, developed along a great river which was a great factor to the rise of this civilization is called the Yellow River. It begins in the mountains of western China and forms a huge look as It flows 3,000 to the Yellow river. The Yellow river regularly overflows In its banks and leaves rich soil which was a great contribution for the success of this civilization.
However, spite the achievements and contributions, disastrous floods were common. According to the legend, the Ixia (Hiss) dynasty was started about 2,000 B. C. By You, a great hero. It was said that he was supposedly able to device a way to control the flooding waters in the Yellow River so that the farmers could still live in the valley. What if no one had discovered a way to control the flooding? Would there still have been a Chinese civilization or would it have led to its downfall at an instant?
Many dynasties emerged in China each with different rulers and a mix of unity ND disunity, lawlessness, war, violence, and prosperity. The early rules of these dynasties were thought to be "sons of heaven" who were given the "mandate of heaven" which the approval of the gods to rule as long as they ruled well. According to tradition, the Ixia rulers were so cruel and abused their power which Is why they lost their mandate of heaven to the Shank dynasty.

Based on the dynasties, many of the early rulers controlled small states near the Yellow river but Influenced a larger area. Also, many dynasties were at constant war with neighboring people, corruption as rampant, people were forced to pay high taxes and natural disasters and calamities were the main causes for the downfall of many dynasties. There were many contributions and important developments in society during the Chinese civilization. These included tools and weapons made from stone, bone, and wood.
Bronze was made into objects used by rulers and priests in religious rituals and ceremonies. Agriculture, technology, trade, and transportation all were undergoing changes at that time. Metalworkers learned how to make sturdy plows and sharp weapons. Canals for shipping were built (which shows the importance of he Yellow river In trade), and irrigation systems were developed. Also, in order to protect themselves, the Chinese constructed the Great Wall during the SQL dynasty but eventually killed many people.
Furthermore, many new Ideas such as the knowledge of iron working, domestication of animals, horseback riding, and nomadic In addition to that, a teaching that developed during those periods was Confucianism. It developed from the teachings of the Confucius who was considered the greatest philosopher and teacher. He was concerned with questions of ethics and morality in terms of politics. According to Confucius, each person had a specific place in society and certain duties and responsibilities to fulfill.

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