Circle Of Trust

Published: 2021-09-28 09:45:03
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As I reminisce about the required readings of this week's lessons, I am reminded of the phrase "Circle of Trust". The words are simple enough, but the meaning behind it is so profound. According to Palmer, the circle of trust is not just about familiar and comfortable relationships between family, friends and loved ones. The circle of trust is truly about the relationship that a person builds or creates within every space of their lives.
Rather that space be your personal life, your cultural interactions or your vocational life. "A circle of trust can form wherever two or three are gathered-?as long as those two or here known how to create and protect a space for the soul" (Palmer, 2004). Palmers analysis of how important trust is to the soul, is mirrored with the beliefs of Dry. West, Boers, Chestier, and Villainies. In Dry. West's book, Race Matters, Dry. West speaks about the damaged and strained relationships between the black race and current society.
He contends that if humanity is willing to find a common place in their hearts for acceptance (admitting of pain), for forgiveness ( afflicted of pain) and for progression (healing); a circle of trust can begin to shape. We have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence" (West, 1994). The idea of structuring a framework of mutual respect, compassion and acceptances of others personal differences; rather it be ethnicity, culture or ethics, can broaden and strengthen the circle of trust.

Notwithstanding, in Dry. West's video Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism, Dry. West continues to stress the value of nurturing the human spirit to be humble and democratic when interacting with all humanity. Dry. West goes on to say this is important because when all human beings are valued, we as a society will win. "The greatest intellectual, moral, political, and spiritual resources in America that may renew the soul and preserve the future of American democracy reside in this multiracial, rich democratic heritage" (West, 2005).
In Victor Villager's book, Burro Genius A Memoir, Villainies revealed how living as a Mexican American, the lack of empathy and compassion from society disrupted his inner truth and relationships with others. He goes on to say that once the people in his community, his world, and in his space where willing to embrace and expand their cultural awareness; his soul became alive. "The beginning of all wisdom is to understand that you don't know. To know is the enemy of all learning. To be sure is the enemy of wisdom" (2004).
This notion of expanding ones inner circle and allowing the soul to trust the unknown; and the spirit to challenge the unfamiliar can be linked to Arthur Boers' book Living into Focus. In Living into Focus, Boers deems that as a society, we are living our lives in a state of distraction and comfort. As a society, we have become so distracted with technology, gadgets, and television, that we have lost focus Of the important things in life. We are now experts in comfortable and non-challenging state of affairs or relationships.
This according to Boers, has caused us to lose focus on relationships, humanity, spiritual and inner growth. "When we allowing devices and machines to reside at the center of our lives, we displace values and practices that once enriched the quality of how we live. Which end up serving our gadgets instead of using them as tools to support our priorities. Technology itself becomes the center and purpose of how we live' (Boers, 2012). The study of these authors and their analysis on life, family and culture has allowed me to do some self-reflecting.
I am reminded that the role of my family plays a tremendous part in my interactions and relationship with others. Come from a Christian background and my ethics and moral compass guides my actions. I have always made an honest effort to treat people the way that I would want people to treat me; and I often have people I work with say to me, wow, you are so nice. To me, being nice and genuine with people is part of my ethical framework. It is not something that I have to work at.
It is something that has been instilled and demonstrated in my everyday life. My parents have and continue to be an example of what it means to have circles of trust in every area of life. Remember as a child, my parents would always say, "when you are in school, you are a reflection of us". When I became older, they would say, where you go, you are a reflection of us". That statement has always been the ethical orientation of life. It shaped my relationships with friends, co-workers, my students, my colleagues and strangers alike.
I never wanted or want to disappoint my parents or my self, and so conduct my life accordingly. When I am engaging or interacting with my friends or with people in general, my ethical foundation of having mutual respect for others is always on display. This also holds true when I interact with my students. I treat all of my students with respect and value. I make it my mission to teach my students how to treat others, how to interact with others and how to have respect for homeless.
My circle of trust is always expanding, and the more add to my circle, the more fulfilled I become. Know can't and don't want to live in this huge world alone, so I try to bring as many people as can along with me for the ride. My dad always says, "you can't go to heaven all by yourself", and while you are living, visit the elderly, give to the mother and fatherless, offer a kind word to the hopeless and let Christ be your reason". I try to live everyday by this motto, and in doing so, I hope that the circle that I am creating is one that will never be broken.

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