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Published: 2021-09-27 07:55:02
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Flowers of Algerian People are never happy with themselves we all have our imperfections and that's Just part of life. In the story "Flowers for Algerian," Charlie Gordon has a mental disability and he wanted to be smart and for that he had to get an operation. Although he shouldn't have offered himself because before the operation he was happy, he worked at a factory, he liked his Job, he had true friends and fake friends Just like a normal person does. Having the operation Charlie cut his life short.
Charlie should not have had the operation. Charlie had gone through a lot and he wanted to change. Charlie wanted to be smart, before the operation Charlie was gullible, his "friends" would make fun of him but he never realized it and he was happy. Charlie was smart in his own way but he never realized it because he was focused on being "smart. " After the operation Charlie was a serious person he understood everything his friends said. Charlie's behavior changed he was more aggressive and he got fired.
In conclusion, Charlie should not have had the operation he became aggressive, he scared people and got fired. Charlie was not as happy anymore, he was a serious person and he understood everything people said. Charlie wanted to be smart and never realized he was smart in his own way. Charlie should have never had the operation because he cut his life short, he was not happy, he was more aggressive but was giving up his life, and being happy worth It to be Intelligent.

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