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Published: 2021-09-28 13:15:03
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As a supporter of the idea, genetically modified babies will n t only improve newborn children's health from diseases, but also have the specifications to c hang certain features of the child. Modifying babies sounds like such a farfetched futuristic idea, when in reality, today is the future. The technology is all here, and if we don't utilize the sees advancements now while we have them, we may never get a chance to do so. With the practice CE of genetically modified babies, life will improve for the future.
Genetically Modified Babies will improve human health and prevent many disc eases. With much conducted research and such little testing, the scientific community states that "genetic screening on embryos has potential to wipe out genetic disease by vi ritually removing the alleles from such disorders. When it is used in correct form[... ] children boo run in the future Amoral 2 have the potentially to be purely 'healthy" and carry no signs of genetic disease With the use of genetic screening, diseases caused by mutated genes or family pas seed genes could be cured.
Disorders like Down syndrome, Color blindness, sickles disease, cystic c fibrosis, and Tussahs disease could all be cured and stopped, by using genetic screening. With Designer Babies, families will have a benefit in the family health line from each generate on. Families would also have better reproduction of healthier offspring because of it. With the practice of genetically modified babies, life will improve for the future. With using the technology that comes from Genetically Modified Babies, these newborns will be more improved and advanced over time.

Eventually, these babies will be more smarter and intellectually intelligent than naturally babies. It is estimated that the n ewe genetically modified babies will live close to 20 years longer than us. Some crazy phenol eons state that unethically modified babies will lead to a new "super human" breed Of living 0 organisms. There is nothing wrong " [... ]with the attempt to make our children smarter or kinder,' Steinbeck told Live Science. 'If we did think that was wrong, we should give up parenting, and put them out on the street. "(Steinbeck) No parent would ever leave their child out on the street et, especially if they were more smarter and kinder than a regular newborn . With the practice of genetically modified babies, life will improve for the future. How would the future look for Designer Babies? Well, there would be a regime of technological consumer eugenics, that would benefit society as a whole. If the FDA says yes to the practice, it would be the first time a government body has supported Chain gees for humans and Amoral 3 their ascending generations.
From my research, I've seen that the FDA commit tee is considering an okay in the scientific issues of the idea, however for such uses of emoticon drill manipulation and "designer" babies they're still spectacle. With the practice Of genetically m edified babies, life will improve for the future. Genetically Modified Babies, will help prevent genetic diseases and make a gar at future for the world. However, there is a lot of down faults. What if the there is a mall function in the medical process of genetic engineering, also in the designer babies process the e child can come out wrong or not how the parent wanted it.
Another detriment to genetically modified babies is that these absurd theories could be true and cause humans to be inferior to t hose babies, once their race grows and develops with time. Lets look at the facts here, Genetically y modified babies, are good for stopping genetic mutations and providing health, the offspring w al improve, and it will create a new future towards life on this planet. Many people disagree, but I support the FDA in that they will decide to use the is practice everywhere and utilize this country technology.
Genetically modified babies will increase health of the world and also bring new scientific and medical advancements. Diseases that are killing people now, will be wiped out of the human race if we had genetic engine nearing in years to come. As a society, we are forced to do the most best thing for us, and as huh mans we learn that "new' is better. Once we start advancing and tinkering with technology, we re like that it can help us with survival and the human condition on this planet.

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