Gender Is an Issue Related to Management Effectiveness in an Organization

Published: 2021-09-29 05:55:04
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Nowadays, management of an organization involving the male and female executives. So, gender is an issue that is often associated with managerial effectiveness in the organization setting. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of organization settings the male and female manager should know the role to be play. Moreover to be competent in the organization setting both of the male and female should have the characteristic that need in organization settings.
Where both of the male and female should play the role as the monitor that they should consistently to survey the environment inside and outside the organization might be limited to information that is useful for organization setting. In playing the role of the speaker, they should give the important information to the organization. As the speaker ,they should act as the representative of the organization in giving information to the external people of the organization. Based on these roles, we can determine the performance of the both gender male and female in the organization setting.
Furthermore, competency perspective limitation also can be seen through both of them implies a universal approach. Where they should not be bias or focus only on certain individual in the organization setting. Alternative combination of competency might be work Just as well as the way to measure the competency of the male and female in organization setting. In addition, assume their leadership is within the person. But, sometimes leadership is also relation with the followers . Not forgetting, competency refer to leadership performances.

This should be bear on in mind for the both of them in the organization setting. According to the perspective that centered by gender, an individual will attribute with the different way. Based on their gender the previous research by Bet and Fitzgerald 1987,Henning and Jarring,1997,Olden 1985 said that female have the feminine leadership behavior which are trust and caring. Moreover, Eagle, Manikin, Slinky 1992 also said where the male manager will use the masculine leadership that interested to authority the people under them.
The difference of the gender can give the influence to how male and female attributes and their leadership style. Therefore, possible gender differences may also influence the roles played by male and female managers in the organization. Aback et al (1994) ported that female always easily to improve level in organization compared to the male manager. This is based due to the female is working more professional than male in playing their role as the manager and less involving emotional and intuition.
Moreover the difference in working style for both male and female can be seen when female are more to the transformational leadership and the male are more to the transactional leadership. From the perspective of the role comparison male and female, there are no significant difference in all the role between male and female but as the role of inspired innovation. This is because male and female understand clearly their own role should be played by each of them in the organization setting. Male are more positive in attitude towards female in their interaction or communication.
Male attitude is not influence by the number of how many times they had communication but the quality of the communication and interaction. In addition, there will be more explanation about the attitude that influence the performance of the male and female in organization setting in this research. The factor of this issues that who are more competent in the organization setting also ad been discuss in this research. Then, all the question that who are more competent? Who are better performance can be answered with the evidence to strength the point given. 2. CHARACTERISTICS AND ATTITUDES OF EMPLOYEES IN AN ORGANIZATION Employing either a man or woman should have a good character and attitude and excellent for improving productivity of an organization. Excellent worker hopes to enhance the quality of the work. Employees who have excellent not only skilled and expert in employment but also a noble character. Characteristics good employees and excellent as follows: 1) Confidently In committing some employment, confidence in the Job aspect is very important to ensure a consistent quality and high quality of employment.
The confidently attitude can also convince others of the quality of work we do. If one is a manufacturer of a product, confident attitude is needed to convince other men, on the benefits of the products we produce and sell. Without a sense of confidence, an entrepreneur will not be able to build a good effort. Because if there is not a confident attitude in an employee, this will cause them to quickly feel hopeless and give up. 2) Smart in communication Communication is needed in making a decision.
Leading organizations prefer to hire someone who has the skill and ability in communicating in a good and wise either by writing or speaking. Communication of inaccurate or inappropriate can cause many problems in a company. 3) Motivated A good employee never hesitates to take responsibility or a higher position. He is also willing to work outside working hours to meet the goal or to solve a problem, though working in the discussion is not one of constant work that is usually given. Therefore, highly motivated employee who is required to advance or the success of an organization. ) Able to work in teams A develop of organization must consist of employees that have can work as a team. Many companies consist of a team. Any company that effectively requires a team effort. Employers can contribute an ideal employee. 5) Ethical Work rules are made to be followed. There is a secret place of work should be kept. A good employee by company policy and inspire others to do the same. Attitudes of an employee in an organization as follows: 1) Honesty Honest work is painstaking work. It can produce something good with a sincere heart. Besides that, a good employee is honest about his work.
Self-criticism and be willing to accept feedback is important to be a good study. For example, a farm worker who works with wages from hand to mouth, but still work well to perform sincerely and sheer devotion to his Job is to make money for the needs of the family. 2) Genius or smart The employee an excellent and wise in use of the time and resources around him. It always uses the time of his life with the best and always improves himself either in attitudes, knowledge and skills or Job performance. Employees can make the right session in making a decision.
This increases the productivity of an organization. 3) Active and Energetic Employees who have excellent have an excellent practice in safeguarding the physical health, mind and emotions. In charge of not only the physical health care nutritional quality but it is also always do exercise and get enough rest or sleep. Discretion in managing themselves and the tendency to do Just that beneficial activity makes him more disciplined, healthy, active and productive. 4) Hard work Hard work is the work we must have the nature of work or workaholic able to achieve he targets to be achieved.
They can take advantage of the optimum time so sometimes it does not care about time, distance and the difficulties encountered. In their work vigorously and strive hard to achieve good results and maximum. The employee who wants to excel at work need to work hard. The entrepreneur also needs to work hard to promote products released. 5) Discipline and keep time Every boss likes to keep workers past, disciplined and meticulous. Period is money. Coming through to the officials, who did not need to take breaks, and leaving officials dilly earlier than usual adverse reputable.
Competition teen males and females also occur frequently in the transaction forevermore an organization. Each party between male and female compete each other to prove that they are ahead in all aspects and have a level of competence that culminated in managing things. However, the issues of competent between men and women are note easily formulated and determine without evidence and legal studies and strong on performance between boys and girls. Evaluation to prove this issue is based on videoconferencing from a reliable source so that it does not rise to a bias in determining the contents of a decision.
The female cannot say that they are more efficient in managing things, and so did the men. Generally,male and female each have their own expertise in managing any work. These are not denied when the success of in an organization is the result of hard work of male and female who are as the backbone to movement and development of an organization. Without the involvement of both the survival of an organization disable continue the operation. Labor between male and female is desirable and arguably the skills of both parties to be needed to complete the task and they are complementary to each other.
Nowadays, household now has arisen a number of male and female shows more competence in performing tasks in an Organizational. In today large organization, as a women climb up the corporate leader, getting worse crisis. While the statistics vary slightly around the world this is consistent trend. At the lowest more than half of the worker in organization is female. At the higher level in organization, the number of woman small. At the CEO Level, worldwide there are only 3% to 4% who are women. The table below showed the statistic.
This phenomenon is quite surprising because when he studied information broadly ascribes the overall success of the women have when placed in a position of leadership success is very high. It raises the question of when the analysis of the success they have in the range of functionality that is dominated by men. The study about this issue making for more than a decade at 2011 and 2012 for the overall effectiveness. Overall Effectiveness in Leadership a) Different by Age To better understanding the differences between male and female it is instructive to look at overall effectiveness by age.
For female as leader appears to change over time. As female and male begin their career there is very little perceived different. Men soon are perceived in an increasingly positive way and more effective than women. As women mature they are perceived in an increasingly positive way and more effecting than their male counterparts. At the age of 25 the efficient of male and female are no difference, starting from 26 and above until 40 years old the effective level of male increase and starting to slow after 40.
But for woman, the effective level is starting to increase from the age 40 and above. B) Different by level for overall leadership effectiveness by gender by position The sue about male and female who are really competent these days in organization settings have been answered and have results on the competent between both of them. According to Jack Zinger and Joseph Folkway (2012) article by Harvard business review based on the research stated that between male and female, advance more women than men on the competency of the organization as a whole.
Survey for 360 evaluations is the Judgment of a leader's peers, bosses and direct report with asking these individuals to rate each leader's effectiveness overall and judge based on the 16 competencies overall. N fact at every level, more women were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall leaders than their male counterparts and the higher the level, the wider that gap grow.
The table below shown the overall level of competent between male and female by the gentlefolk (2011) c) Different by top competencies top leader between male and female Based on the Zinger Folkway (2011) state that as specifically, at all levels women rated are higher in full 12 of the 16 competencies that go into outstanding leadership. The level of impotency between male and female are different in a small scale incremental for female compared to male. From the 16 competency there are two which is; take initiative and drives for result are scored the female tend to highest degree.
The competent of male in the development strategy perspective are outscores female. The table below showed the 16 competency between male and female. The sources that getting from the gentlefolk (2011). Based on the table above clearly describe the difference between male and female on the level f competencies. From the 16 competencies, 14 of them are preceding by female. It confirms that women actually scored higher than male On 12 of the 16 competencies. Male scored higher in two competencies which is technical or professional expertise and development perspective. Each reader will have a several theory why this happens.
The explanation about this outcome is many women live with that necessitates them getting things done in order to survive. In Job settings, women feel that she need to work harder that male to prove them. Some expression from female in performing his work is "we feel that constant pressure to never make mistake and to continually rove our value in organization". That is because, at least woman don't feel their performance are safe. They're afraid to rest on their laurels and feel satisfied. Besides that, they're feeling need to take initiative they are more highly motivate to take feedback to heart.
Basically, those are fundamental behaviors that derive the success of every leader whether male or female. Female and Nurturing competencies The chart above demonstrate that these competencies. Those competencies highlight that women were seen more effective in getting thing done, being role models and delivering result. The skills describe leaders who take on difficult challenges, ensure that people act with integrity and who simply achieve challenge result. According to the dilemma on June 2014 published the one article about "women in top Job are viewed as 'better leader' than man".
Based on the new study, women in executive positions are perceived as better leaders than men. Basically, woman in business are too sensitive or not as competent can stop them from advancing through the so- called 'slackening. But once women has breach the barrier, these qualities actually work in her favor according to a Duke University researcher. The research published in the Journal of applied psychology, found top women executives were credited with responsibility for their success. They were viewed as both more competent and more relationship-oriented than men.
Because of these, it can lead them to be perceived as more effective leaders than their male counterparts. Lead researcher, Professor Lehigh Rosette said, 'in business environment, even if women are through to be competent they are frequently through to be not nice. But on the higher rungs of the corporate ladder, competence and niceness may have a certain level of compatibility or woman top leaders. The second study also rated female as more relationship- oriented because they expected top women to involving in a more traditionally feminizes' type of leadership, an employee focused leadership style that is increasingly viewed effective.
Professor Rosette (2014) said, 'let's face it, women are often viewed as having to work twice as hard to get half as far and successful women executives may benefit from the perception, leading to a female leader advantage. Usually we always hear the business mantra "think leader, think male" this may Egan to fade as employees and other stakeholders more begin to value those leadership skills that focus on relationship and not Just traditional leader nature that are more in line with masculinity.
Results of the study, the researchers pointed out and warned that women leaders should be aware that their behavior will be different at different levels within the company due to the success of women will change the impression when they move on the corporate ladder. What cause the difference between male and female? Why female are more perceives more effective, what are we frequently heard was, "in order to get the same recognition and rewards, I need to De twice as much, never make a mistake and constantly demonstrated my competence". The short version of what we regularly heard from woman was that "we must perform twice as well to be through half as good). The result from "practicing Self Development", the competency measure the extent to which people ask for feedback and make changes based on the feedback. We know most people begin their career perceived more motivated to ask for feedback and take action to improve. In the analysis age for male and female. Female at age 40 maintain the habit of asking for feedback and taking action to improve. The effectiveness of men on this competency continuous to decline as they age.
Male assume that they are doing fine and don't really need much feedback. 4. 0 THE ISSUES OF GENDER AND THEIR PERFORMANCE BASED ON THE CURRENT ISSUE "Women are equally important role in the company". That has being said this recently in an article released by the Tutu's Malaysia newspaper dated November 21 , 2013. Article also discusses about the problem of gender differences in the marketability of an organization, whether private sector or public sector. According to the article, It affirms the role of women in the public and private sectors should be noted comparable male servants in order to improve an organization from all angles.
Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Dates Romania Abdul Karri said the matter as women nowadays qualified great responsibility on par with the skills and experience of male employees. She added, the government is also implementing efforts to promote government-linked companies to appoint at least 30 per cent of female employees in the highest position and promote at least one woman on the board until 2016. Government also provides incentives to encourage provide more opportunities for staff women to advance, including tax breaks for companies as well as the provision of training and consultation. Public and private sectors are also required to eliminate gender disparities in terms of experience, competence, nations and cultures to eliminate any form of discrimination," he said when opening the Forum of Women in Rural normal 2013, here today. Add Spiritual ministry also held a Director of women's programs that provide guidance on training curriculum including technical and soft skills to enhance the ability of women to come leaders of caliber. This year, he said, a total of 645 women attended the program, while the total 790 women signed up for the course. At the same time, 83 women have been appointed directors of public companies during the year," he said. In the meantime, she urged local employers do not catch quota determined by the government to achieve the target percentage of women appointed to the board of directors. Instead, he said the appointment should be given priority to quality and competent staff who are able to assume responsibility. "Quota provided the only dude, but more importantly how far a company which entitles them to higher office," he said.
Based on the article in Tutu's Malaysia newspapers, it is clear that women should take participant in the organization sector whether public or private sector. "The competency of woman implement the Job is the main criteria". That's the title of an article released by Tutu's Malaysia newspapers dated 24 February 2010. Article discusses the influx of female employees in the public sector, particularly high-level positions. Eightieths Gung Congress Sustain Peckers-Peckers Dalai Participated Am (Spaces), Mad Shah Mood.
Zinc yesterday expressed concern over the dominance of women in the public service is growing. Current trends show more women appointed to the post and decide which will have long-term implications for the development and growth of the country. The condition is due to the capabilities of the woman to pass the merit system for office than men. " The situation is to some extent cause an imbalance to the number of civil servants. And has raised fears him thus he suggested that something should be done to avoid any serious difference ratio between men and women in the future.
Influx of female employees in the public sector, particularly for professional positions is due to their academic achievement. Thus, women are not to blame for the amount because they are also the most dominate placement in an institution of higher learning in the country than men, As a result of the lack of male staff in the public sector cause of personnel forced women do work outside the office, and it now appears different when women are able to perform a variety of tasks that were once dominated by men only. Based on the source of the author at his work place is also filled with women and our administrative duties.
Based on the above article it is clear that women now dominate the public sector and also the position of the highest office previously is dominated by men. This occurs is due to increasing the performance of women as being more efficient when performing tasks. According to figures available, the average employee thinks the increase of women in the public sector is not alarming contrast to their efficiency and capacity to undertake the task is the key criteria that must be well on an employee regardless of male or female.
What priority is given to he work of an employee should be able to perform the duties of other quality perfectly. This is because men and women, each has advantages and disadvantages and it is a matter that can't be disputed Development and economic growth over the past four decades have also witnessed rapid progress not only contributed by the employment of men, but also involves the role and contribution of women. On-going efforts to create gender equality (gender) saw demand for female labor force shows significant improvement (Tutu's Namely Online, 2004). For example, the success of Tan Sir Dry.
Katharine Aziza was appointed as the first female Governor of Bank Engage Malaysia (BAN) to prove the belief that women are capable of performing the essential duties if they are given the opportunity to do this. Besides that, there are many more women who are successful in their career such as Tune Dry. Sadomasochist. All, Dates Sere Raffish Aziza, Denationalization Small, Dates Dry. Amazon Ottoman,Dates Dry. Northeastward and Attachment Humid. This in turn saw the women were able to compete with the men, and to contribute to the development and progress of the country.
As a whole, female are developing equally read with male. Women more mature and aware of all the turmoil within and outside the country since forever women are aware that their role will still be needed for advancement. Finally, the women are Just like men that have professionals in carrying out their duties, especially in the field of management, and other organizations. In addition, many women who have made their mark in the world. Currently many women have succeeded in exploring areas that have been dominated by men.
Women were actively match the performance of the men and also worked as a good decision maker in the administration of the country or company. Therefore, the greatness of women do not doubt that the success that has been created. The increase of 14. 8 percent of women working in the professional field to prove that women are able to move forward in line with the men (Tutu's Borneo Online, 2013). It is clear that women are also capable of engaging in a professional line with men. The performance also proved that women also play an important role and contribute to the development and progress of the country today.
Other than that, the Tutu's Borneo also wrote that the statistical achievements of women in Malaysia is very insistent and good and covers a variety of fields, in education, the number of women is more than male students in session 2013/2014 amounting to 68. 02 percent from 41. 573 candidates. In addition, the success of women nowadays it's because women have a higher education than men and they also have the opportunity and independent to gain knowledge (ester's Actuate Eightieths Politic Actuate Minter Narrations Abraham).
Conclusions, in this modern are not surprising that women are also can involve in the field more challenging. For example, fields of politics, engineering, mechanical, and other many field ventured by male. So, caused women eave a higher education resulted in an organization are more likely to choose a female employee over the male employee. Besides that, women are also having a good attitude and characteristic of employee between men such as discipline and keep time, hard work, ethical, and others. 5. CONCLUSION There is an issue that who are more competent in the organization setting between the male and female. Therefore this issue had been discussing by given the factors and characteristic that contributes to the issue. Employing either a man or woman should have a good character and attitude and excellent for improving productivity of n organization. Excellent worker hopes to enhance the quality of the work. Employees who have excellent not only skilled and expert in employment but also a noble character. Where the characteristic is important and needed in the organization setting.
These days the issues between men and women who are really competent in the organizational settings have raises various perspective and responses among them. The competent in the organization has created a lot of perception among the public either male or female. From the research and the previous research also based on the statistic or any other provided evidence, we can include that female is more competent than male in organization setting. This is based on the factor influence in the aspect of attitude and the other factors such as communication, and their performance in organization setting.
Besides that, women are also having a good attitude and characteristic of employee between men such as discipline and keep time, hard work, ethical, and others. Female are more active in playing their role in the organization setting compare to the male. This happen maybe because of female give more commitment in playing their role in their organization setting. This can be seen from the aspect of their passionate in encouraging others, sharing authority and information and also more interested in managing by using skills between interpersonal relationships.
This including the role likes mentor, facilitator, inspired, innovation, monitor and coordinator. Moreover, female always try to put in others the feeling they are also the part of the organization starting from the performance decision making and to the strategies making. Thus, clearly that proven female is more interesting and hardworking in play their role to ensure the effectiveness of the organization setting. In addition male should be more hardworking and more focus in understand and play the role in organization. Furthermore, this issue can help to inspired male to increase their performance in organization setting.

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