Genetic Diversity

Published: 2021-09-30 06:20:04
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Mutations are various forms of changes in ones DNA’s structure or makeup. This abnormality can happen for various reasons such as chemical misuse, harmful viruses or environment factors. When a mutation occurs in ones genetic structure, there is often a push to find out what went wrong and if it was a onetime occurrence or a genetic abnormality that no one in the family knew about until the recent discovery. This genetic abnormality occurs when there is a dominant gene which comes from a parent.
This dominant gene attaches itself to a recessive gene and sparks a change in the genetic sequence of the offspring. This is most relevant as I was observing my nephew last weekend. My brother is “dark skinned”, tall and slim. My sister-in law is of French decent and full bodied while looking at my nephew, I ascertained that he is heading towards his mother’s side of the family he has the “fair skin, “finer grain of hair”, and the full body of his mother, thus his physical appearance is a mixture of both his mother’s and father’s genes along with a mutation of their DNA.
Sexual Reproduction ensures life will continue no matter what happens. As genes are exchanged between two potential parents, the resulting offspring ends up with a combination of genes from both parents which then in turn gives them their own genetic makeup. This can lead to an expansion in various parts of the world where there is a diverse genetic makeup of people. This is due to various factors such as economics, upward mobility and educational opportunities.

When this occurs new communities develop, form and branch out spawning a growth in population and migration. As the various traits from one’s genetic makeup mixes with others of another makeup, this helps to further expand the world’s unique makeup among its various populations and cultures. As these factors come into play over and over again, this helps to ensure the possibility of cloning one’s self or someone else will never happen.
This also ensures the population will continue to grow change and the diversity of it all helps to make the world we live in today all the more unique and complicated. As I reflect on my nephew’s own unique genetic makeup, I can’t help but wonder what his future will hold in regards to his own children, where he will migrate to and what he will contribute to leave his mark on the world. One can only hope that the traits and genes he has inherited from his mother and father will help him to reach his full potential.

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