Global port management system.

Published: 2021-09-28 22:05:03
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Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) is the world's leading port developer, operator and industry leader in using technology to improve all aspects of port administration. HPH actively invests in the development of modern port infrastructure and is committed to playing a significant role in the development of the economies and the expansion of international trade opportunities for the countries in which it operates.
Therefore, to coordinate many ports around the world, HPH had created nGen, a calable system that would facilitate port operations in many languages on several continents and across many different time zones.The nGen System Increasing use of information technology (IT) at the ports has streamlined the transportation supply chain and made local manufacturers and import-export businesses more internationally competitive. In order to remain competitive, HPH need to develop a new terminal management system to efficiently and effectively control all port operations around the globe.
The nGen system would control perations including ship and yard planning, gate operations, vessel operations and interactions, yard confguration and performance, overall operations monitoring, equipment utilization, productivity and cost optimization This project is the first major system codevelopment project between two of HPH's subsidiary ports, the Hong Kong International Terminals (HIT), the flagship operation of HPH in Hong Kong, and Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) that located in Shenzhen, China. . Challenges to develop the nGen System a. The project teams need to solve all the variances. Each of HPH's ports is different in size. So, it's required to comply with differing sets of regulations contingent upon local trade and customs policies. Besides, it's located on different continents, in different time zones, and with personnel who speak different languages. b.

The project team needs to consider the interests of a diverse group of stakeholders The project team needs to consider the terminal operations, operations development and information services. The project also, would need to effectively manage input from these groups. c. The scope of the project The project team would have to ensure that it allocated adequate time to complete ach part of the project. The project team began work in February 2001 and the deadline was in August 2005.

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