Goodbye Uncle Tom and Abortion

Published: 2021-09-28 12:10:03
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Category: Violence, Slavery, Abortion

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Tom's treatment of black people back then was cruel and just sad to see. The whites mistreated millions of slaves and in the process, they're mentality was changed. That broken mentality from then affects the young black generation today because they believe that they are not worth anything. The African American generation of today is in extreme distress, they kill each other more and more everyday with very little remorse.
They kill each other because they don't value life and some Of them are too young to realize that to only did they take someone's life, but they also destroyed their own. The murder rates of blacks in the United States are higher now than they were 25 years ago. More young black Americans die from homicide today in America than those of whites. More young black males are being imprisoned due to the rising violence in the black community leaving their women to raise the kids on their own. Black females have been affected more in a psychoanalytic and coloratura perspective because of how black women were treated in the past.
In the movie, it showed women being raped and then tossed as if hey were just animals. The men in that film abused the women to the point where they believed that they were nothing more than just tools for men to get their pleasure and nothing more. The ones that weren't killed ended up having kids that only reminded them of the pain they had to endure which made them feel worse. The mentality that they are just tools for men to get pleasure ended up being passed down to black females today as well. Some of them only feel valued when they dress a certain type of way to obtain a guys attention and affection.

The abortion rate for African Americans has one up drastically as well. More and more young black women are getting abortions because they don't want to raise a child on their own. With the rise in black on black violence more black males are in jail and the ones that aren't in jail just walk out because they're not ready to be fathers. The abortion rate in America is at an all time high and most of the people getting abortions are young minorities because they feel they have no other option. Nothing is being done about these issues because the mentality of African Americans hasn't changed.
They still suffer from the same broken mentality that their ancestors who were slaves suffered from. Black people won't be able to fix this problem until they admit that there is a problem, change their mentality, and learn to come together as a whole again. Black violence has gone up because more black people are against each other instead Of being for each other. In the movie, black people betrayed each other because they were not united and we're killing each other today for the very same reason. The mind set of black people has to change in order for black on black violence to stop.

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