Guns germs and steel

Published: 2021-09-29 05:35:03
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There may be personal information you want considered as part of your admissions application. Write an essay describing that information. You might include exceptional hardships, challenges, or opportunities that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, personal responsibilities, exceptional achievements or talents, educational goals, or ways in which you might contribute to an institution committed to creating a diverse learning environment. In all honesty, I haven't really endured many hardships.
In fact, I see them more as entrances, or sometimes even opportunities that I could easily take on, avoid or Just not think of them with the knowledge that they will go away in time. My childhood, as well as my early middle school years, were spent in the very northern part of Georgia, only two hours from the capital, Atlanta. During the summer, in 2009, the recession had hit my family hard, so my dad, seeing no way to continue living the way we did, decided to move our family to Texas, where the workload and the wages were better, not to mention that we would be near family.
You can only imagine how I felt leaving everything I knew behind to venture into the unknown. The first few months were difficult in Kathy, Texas. I was thrown into a situation where everything was different from what I knew, or grew up learning. The people, the surroundings, the whole concept made me nervous of beginning a new life in this small town. I didn't know how to talk to people, who were expressive and unafraid to speak their minds to someone new, whereas I remained silent through a discussion. I did not know how to open up to them like I would now with other people.

The first ay, I nearly broke down into tears due to how badly I wanted my friends beside me. I had to sit alone at lunch on that first day, since no one knew who I was. The scene was turning into something from a movie where the new kid from Africa eats alone in the bathroom because she had no friends to sit with. I had no idea how the kids who constantly moved everywhere in the states did it. Over a year later though, I had gotten used to the place. I found that I really liked it better in Kathy rather than in Georgia, and I made some good close friends who defined themselves from those sack in the Peach state.
They were my special people. However, my father had once again decided to move our family further south to the ROI Grandee Valley after concluding that he did not like it in Kathy. Albeit it was better than Georgia, it was not good enough for him. I had been excited to move again, mostly for the reason that my dad made McAllen seem like a glorious city. When we arrived later on late summer of 2010, I had been horrified at the dramatic change of living. I had made it quite clear with the years that followed of how I tested the place, not because of how bad it looked on the outside, because of how different McAllen was from Kathy or Georgia.
WAY different. Moving to the Valley, I discovered that I was a city girl. I wanted to visit the many malls in Houston (the Valley only had one good mall) and to go to the park without worry of feeling uncomfortable. I used to love to walk. I heard my parents constantly warning me of strangers, but it never dawned on me on how serious it was until I moved here. Four years have passed since we moved to McAllen, well, Parr actually. I still dislike this place. I faced the problems of being in a new school again, however, this time wasn't as scary as it was a year earlier.
I was barely starting high school and everyone basically saw a new face they did not know, so it was bearable, but that did not mean that I was not nervous as I was back in Kathy. Here, I also made new friends. They weren't like those in Kathy or in the Peach State, but I still liked them. However, I didn't find myself really liking the SAA district, so my parents transferred me to the STIES district school, BETA. Honestly, I wished I had gone there sooner. Sure, the school had ajar flaws, like in every other one, but I have made some really awesome friends who made the months seem like days, and years like only a few weeks.
These friends were so different from those in SAA. Sure, everyone belonged to a different "clique", but we were our own unique "clique" of weird, stressed out, goofy girls, which was sort of different from other schools that Vive gone to, as I wasn't part of one "clique". No matter how different or similar each situation was in my life, they all taught me one thing: how to deal with it. Moving has taught me so many things, like being rounded with new people and how to properly deal with the new environment. I have actually learned that I like moving around and how quick I adjust to it, which can hopefully come in handy later.
I know what it's like to move, and I have met different types of people, from different social classes, and ways of living from around the world. I have learned bit by bit from each and every one. I don't consider moving a hardship as I once did, but more of an opportunity to see new places, meet new people and experience different types of things like food or ways of thinking, and I m sure that whenever I or another person from somewhere economically and politically different moves in, I am able to help adjust and see to it that they or even I do not feel uncomfortable.
I have gradually learned other things about myself, small things that make me who I am, and though I am content with some, I am determined to change others for the better. I hope, if I go too University which requires me to live in a new place, that I will not cry or freak out when my family is far away. Instead, I will keep calm and be certain that more pleasant things will come later, when I finally adjust.

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