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Published: 2021-09-28 09:20:03
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The importance of college education has a direct and profound impact on the world but more importantly on me. As Nelson Mandela stated "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. " By gaining knowledge through college education I am ensuring a better future for myself and in turn I am ensuring a better future for those around me thus changing the world one small step at a it me. College education provides tools, knowledge and preparation necessary to compete in today's tough job markets.
As a current fourth year medical student, I am supplementing my deiced education with an associates degree in health administration so that I can gain an advantage and also to prepare myself for future leadership roles within the medical profession. Medical field is a field in which constant advances and progresses are made and to stay current and to progress with the times, one must constantly further himself through education. An article in the Heritage Foundation suggest that the base foundation of the U. S. Healthcare is the ability to provide the best healthcare.
Having said this, we must understand that having the best healthcare means training our medical refashions and investing into new technologies and education so that they are able to provide the best healthcare. The article suggests that there is a shortfall in followed education that is provided to medical professionals in their quest for professional excellence. To me, this places and emphasis on the importance of college education and continuing education so that we can continue to strive to be the best not just in the field of healthcare but also in other fields.

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine comparing college versus high school education, we can clearly see that earning a college degree doesn't only give you a competitive advantage and a solid base for the future but it also gives you an additional $830,000 during your lifetime according to Forbes. This should also be a major inspiration for wanting to obtain a college diploma. Financial future and stability of my family directly correlates to the amount of education I have received though my lifetime. Although our economy has turned a new leaf and is on a recent upswing, we are still reeling from the economic collapse of the late sass's.
According to Bellevue university research, those with little to no higher education are finding the most difficult to find jobs and secure their family futures. The study confirms that more and more people are looking for "recession proof' jobs that are mostly attainable through college education rather than trades. In today's society finding a job is much harder because of all the competition, people with similar qualifications vying and competing for the same jobs. What will set me apart? College can give me the training I need to get ahead and Stay head of my competition.
Social development is a very important aspect of college education. Higher education is generally lauded for developing academic knowledge in their students, its leaders are routinely criticized for not adequately preparing students for the types of roles and leaders that organizations need (Jaeger, 2003; Tucker, Osaka, Barron, & Mccarthy, 2000; Coleman, 1 995; 1998; Williams & Sternberg, 1988). Our future leaders, although highly educated, lack social ability to to present themselves as leaders and to serve as leaders.
One of the reasons I chose the degree program at Seaworthy university is just that, social development as well as educational, that is scholastic. Through the discussion boards, chats, and other interactive socially interactive media; I will not only be able to learn from students that are in my immediate vicinity but I will gain a broader perspective that an online university gives. This perspective is global and invaluable to those who seek to not only further their textbook knowledge, but would also like to share experiences with efferent cultures and races to gain a better social understanding and the impact education has globally.
There are ample reasons for a college education and I have only listed a few Of the ones dearest to me above. In the ever changing world, it has become more important now than ever before to obtain a college education. Its not just the economic reasons that push us to learn further and achieve greater, as I have mentioned above, it is also a great social development outlet that sometimes we don't use as much as we should.

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