In My Grandfather S Footsteps

Published: 2021-09-28 16:40:03
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Cacao's. Even until this day, have people telling me "Your grandfather would be so proud of you" or "l hope you end up just like your grandfather one day. " In these very moments, I feel this great sense of satisfaction run through my body. Not one person has fulfilled his footsteps in becoming a physician, and I would be honored to become the first. My hero is no one other than Dry. George Cacao's. From the stories I've heard, he was never in it for the money. To the families that had no insurance and couldn't afford healthcare, he would set up private appointments at his house.
Until this day, people say he worked miracles on children. No matter how much time or labor it cost him, he made sure his patient's health improved; he would stay awake in worry and even crying at the fate of one of his sick patients. My grandfather truly loved his job, and he will always be the heroic figure in my life. My grandfather died of bone marrow cancer at the age of sixty years old. It was a long, painful death; he was ill with this cancer for over 15 years. All the knowledge he possessed about medicine, all the experiences he had with patients, and all the lives he paved, could not save his own.
There's a quote that says "Only the good die young," but I can't completely justify that. Yes, my grandfather did die at a relatively young age, but the influences he made and the legacy he left behind will be cherished and live on forever. The more I think about this and all the sacrifices he made for his patients, the more I get inspired. Looking back on his career, Dry. Cacao's has guided me a path in his footsteps. He has shown me that determination, dedication, and a big heart can lead me in becoming a physician.

The ultimate goal in my life is to be a physician and that starts with a college education. Dry. Cacao's stressed to his kids to stay in school and learn as much as possible, but to have fun doing it. I aspire to impact people's lives as much as my grandfather did. If can be the heroic figure to someone that Dry.

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