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Published: 2021-09-28 13:10:03
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My goal in life is to keep pushing myself because I know that I can achieve anything desire. Most would be happy going for a simple hike, perhaps a certain number of miles. Would not feel fulfilled. I would want to go all the way. What I would take from this beautiful day is the joy of finishing what I have begun. I also would know in my heart that pushed myself to the limits and it did not break me, what rather inspired me. My dream day would not take place on the easiest mountain or the most likely. I would set my sights on the most difficult, yet achievable destination.
After all, success does have its limits just as the human body does. There have been many times in my life when I have been less than fit. Occasionally even less than "less than fit". I am never proud bothers moments and I always swear that I will change how I live my life in the pursuit of fitness. Hiking is a very intense workout and it is extremely unforgiving. Sure, one could simply give up and turn around. T hats not who I am. I dream of a day when I can reach the top of my physical mountain as well as my proverbial mountain. Achieving this would push my body to its absolute limit ND strengthen my body and mind.
This Thrall 2 would not be my end destination but a pattern that I could use for my entire life, enhancing my fitness level the further I would go. In conclusion, if I could wish for any one day it would be a day where I could reach the top of a mountain by hike. Do not take my dreams or wishes lightly. When I want something bad enough I go for it and give it everything. My dreams are big and difficult but they are doable. My personality is a stubborn one and my body is as well. Hiking would bring out both of these traits and it is this reason why I would want to do it.

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