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Published: 2021-09-28 17:50:04
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Whereas nurture is the environment around us that can influence our upbringing and it is the society around us that affect the way we think or do certain things. It refers to a person's childhood and how they were brought up and what they learn. Nature vs. Nurture debate does not have a firm conclusion to say which one has more value as it is a debate that has been discussed between philosophers to identify which one has more influence in our lives. Some philosophers argue that the nature is most influential in our lives as it is part of our genetic makings, something that we cannot change even if we want to.
Others argue that nurture is more influential as it determines our personality and our perspective of things, the way we view things. For example, a teenager wanting to be a doctor when they grow up is not part of our nature, it goes more towards nurture because it is the way we are brought up that influences our decisions in life. If a child had a parent who is a doctor and they watch their parent making people feel becoming well, then they might want to do the same as they might get fascinated by it. This decision that the child made to become a doctor is the doing of nurture because the child was influenced by what he saw around him.
Nature on the other hand is nothing that can be fixed or change at any cost. For example, if a child was born with illness such as Cystic Fibrosis then this is something that they cannot recover from, they might get medication to help them survive but it is not something that they can get well from as it is part of their genetic making. Furthermore, some people argue that nurture has more influence in our lives because a serial killer does not become a murder because it is in his genes, but because they are influenced by what they see around them.

Some philosophers claim that a person's development is influenced by both nature and nurture. For example, if a person is born with blonde hair and blue eyes, this is something natural that they cannot change, however, if they live in a posh area, then their accent would be posh; this is something that is nurture is responsible for because the community a person lives in WOOL_SLD determines the accent they would have. Dry Money and the boy with no penis is the story of David Rimes who was turned in to a girl when he was baby due to his Penis being burned off during circumcision.
When David was born he was called Bruce and his twin brother was called Brian. Dry John Money was a sexologist; he debates about sex changes operations on transsexual. When Brace's penis was burned off, his parents Janet and Ron Rimes were very upset over and did not know what to do. When they found out about Dry Money, they finally found hope, knowing that he would be able to help their child. Dry Money believed that nurture can win out nature anytime. For example, he believed that a boy can be turned in to a girl and they would be able to live a happy normal life like every other person.
When Brace's parents contacted Dry Money, he found a way that he could prove his theory. He wanted to show the world that if a twin boy's sex was changed and he was turned into a girl and treated like one, then that boy would be able to live a normal life as a girl. When he found about Bruce, he advised Bruce parents to treat him like a girl and not let her know that she was a boy. As Bruce did not have a penis, his parents thought that it was the perfect solutions for their son. Therefore, Brace's sex Was changed and he was turned into a 'she' and was called Brenda.
Brace's twin brother Brian was rough up as a normal boy and he believed that he had a twin sister called Brenda. Brenda grew up believing she was a girl and her parents bought her pretty dresses to wear and dolls to play with. Everything was going smoothly and Brenda had regular visits with Dry Money to see how her life was going. Dry Money was convinced that his theory was working and that a child born as a boy can be turned in to a girl and lives a normal life and that nurture can win out nature.
However, his theory was not really working because Brenda was not behaving like a girl, instead she did not like playing with dolls and wearing reuses. She became a tomboy and thought she was going crazy because she felt like a boy. She did not have any friends as girls did not want to play with her because she acted like a boy and boys did not want to play with her because she was a girl. Brenda was unhappy with her life. When she went to visit Dry Money again with Brian, he wanted her to understand the difference between a girl and a boy.
He told her that girls have flat and boys have 'sausage'. He wanted to convince Brenda so badly that he made both Brenda and Brian takes their clothes off and took pictures. He also tried to convince Brenda to have a vagina construction. Dry Money also introduced Brenda to a transsexual, who was born as interest (with both a vagina and a penis) and decided to become a female. Dry Money thought that the transsexual would be able to convince Brenda to go through the vagina construction. However, Brenda was very upset over it and run away from his office.
When she went home she informed her parents that she did not want to see Dry Money again and that if they forced her to go then she would commit suicide. Her parents were shocked over how Brenda was reacting and decided to stop sending her to see Dry Money. When Brenda turned 13 her parents could see how unhappy she was and that is when they decided to reveal the truth to the twins. When Brenda found out that she was a boy, she was very happy about it. However, her twin brother was not happy, instead he was very angry and upset to know that he was not the only boy in the family and to take his anger out he broke a window.
On the other hand, Brenda decided to have an operation and get a penis and decided to call herself David. Now that he is a boy, David was very happy with his life. It seems that Dry Money theory about nurture winning out over nature was rang because it is clear that even though Brenda did not know she was a boy, she still felt like one and acted like a boy. She did not like things that girls like, this indicates that no matter how you are brought up, you cannot outrun the nature and you cannot change the way you are born.
Therefore, it is nature can win nurture anytime because nature has more importance in a person's life as it is something that is natural and not manmade. It can be clearly identified that even though David was brought up as a girl, deep inside he felt like a boy. His physical, emotional, social and intellectual development as affected because of it. Physically David did not like playing with dolls and wearing pretty dresses, instead he preferred to play video games and toy cars. Dry Money forced Brenda and her twin her brother Brian to take their clothes off and took picture of them.
Intellectually Brenda thought she was going crazy because she felt like a boy and did not act like a girl. She wanted to commit suicide because she did not want to see Dry Money anymore. Due to the events happening in her life, Brenda was not doing so well in school. She was not able to concentrate in her school work and she was bullied by there children because Of the way she acted. When Brian found that Brenda was in fact a boy that his twin sister was a boy, he was very upset over it. Later on he developed schizophrenia and died.
When David found out that he was a boy he was very happy about it as he thought he was going to crazy before because he did not feel like a girl. David felt lonely all lonely because he did not have any friends and he did not like visiting Dry Money as he felt uncomfortable with. David emotionally suffered from what had happened to him in the past and finally felt like he fit in once he found out that he was in fact a boy. David later on got married to Jane and was happy with her. When Jane asked to be have separate time away from David, he was upset about it and he did not have a job to support him.
David felt overwhelmed with everything and committed suicide by shooting himself. Socially David always felt alone because he never really fit in as he did not have any friends to stay With. As he was depressed over his life, David did not like going out much. It can clearly be identified that in Dry Money was wrong about Nurture out being more significant than Nature as we can see that in Davit's case nature overthrew nurture. It can be identified as David was born as a boy he always felt like a boy even though he was brought up like a girl and he was never even aware of his real gender.
This is a perfect evidence to argue that nature can win out nurture anytime because no matter how David was brought up, his true feelings about himself and how he viewed the world was not false. His feelings could not be changed regardless of how or the way he was brought up. 18 years old Emily was born with Down syndrome and she attends public school with all the other people and she is doing well in her school work. SSH?s ridden pony from the age of four and takes part in the competition with everyone in the local riding club.
Emily has a boyfriend and her own group of friends who she loves spending time with. She is now in college, finishing her A-levels and she also works. Having Down syndrome has affected Emil)/s physical, emotional and intellectual and social development. Email's physical development has been affected by Down syndrome as her appearance is different from other individuals. Her nose has flat nasal bridge and she has a small mouth. Her eyes are smaller than other people in her Emily. When she talks her tongue gets in the way as it is bigger than average.
Furthermore, her eyes are smaller normal people and her hands are small and fingers are broad. When Emily was born, her weight and length was below average. She is susceptible to illness; therefore, she is able to catch cold very quickly. Emily emotional development has also been affected by Down syndrome as she might find it difficult to cope and accept the fact that she is different from other children and that her physical appearances is also different from other peers or her sister. She might feel frustrated as she cannot do regular activities like normal people her age.
Furthermore, she might also feel happy over the fact that she can spend time with her horses, looking after them make her feel proud of herself. Also Emily has a boyfriend which might make her feel good about herself, knowing that she has someone who loves her for who she is, having a boyfriend might also make her feel pretty and beautiful. Moreover, Emily also has a job which might also make her feel proud of herself as she can do regular job like other people and she would not feel left out. Although Emily might also feel alone and isolated from the rest of the world as she has difficulty talking, this might make her feel bad about herself.
Emily seems happy with her life and she has a supportive mum who is always there for her so that might make her feel full and happy. Emily also attends college and has friends which may make her feel happy, knowing that she has people who care for her and are there for her. Although there might be days where she might wonder if people only stay with her and like her because they feel sorry for her due to her illness, or is it because they really like her as person. She might feel depressed and stressed out because of those thoughts.
However, so far, Emily seems to be accepting her illness and feel positive towards life. The intellectual effect of Down syndrome in Email's life is that she has no sense of danger like other people her age. For example, as her mum has explained, when Emily was young she did not know what danger was, I. E. , she would cross the road without waiting for the cars to stop and let her pass because she was not aware of harm as other children her age were. Emily suffers from learning disabilities, therefore, at school; she requires learning assistance as she has difficulty understanding school work.
Furthermore, Emily has good knowledge of taking care of horses as she has her own pony that she regularly spends time with. Therefore, intellectually, she would be very good with looking after and caring for animals. Email's life is socially very active as she has friends that she goes out and spends time with. She also has a boyfriend who she also spends time with by going on dates. Furthermore, as she likes riding horses, and has her own pony, she would most likely spend time with her horse every day.
Also, she has a job; therefore, she would meet new people during her shifts, she would be able to socialize with them which would make her feel happy. Riding horse and looking after them helps Emily stay active and strong. Moreover, her parents meet up with other parents whose children also suffer from Down syndrome like Emily; therefore, she gets to meet with people that are like her. She would be able to open up to them and share her feels and spend time with them as they would be more understandable towards her due to the fact that they share the same illness as her.

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