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Published: 2021-09-28 08:45:03
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The Eternal Debate between the Neat and Sloppy Neat People vs.. Sloppy People by Suzanne Bruit takes a unique stance on clutter. The author believes a person preference on their cleanliness is boiled down to a moral standpoint. Sloppy people are not sloppy, they only have a precise plan that will never co me to fruition. She views neat people as wasteful, lazy, and ungrateful. This stance is unique and interesting but without data it is simply speculation. The author seems to be biased.
She says sloppy people "give loving attention to every diet ail"(256). As a sloppy person myself I reject this. Yes, I sometimes have trouble judging the I importance of a piece of paper and keep it. Most of the time I stash useless papers because the ere simply is no trash can near me. Furthermore, she believes neat people are self centered and mindless as pop used to mindful. "If anything collects dust, it's got to go" (256). My mother is the clean SST person I know. He is also very concerned about the environment.
She recycles and ere sees furniture until it breaks. She has three dogs and each of them are clean. She just prefers clean lines and cleanliness provides a more positive environment than a Sloppy one. While I enjoyed reading the story, it seemed whiny and biased. I feel bad for S Suzanne for not knowing decent clean people. If she had ever seen the show hoarders she would know that not all sloppy people are morally superior. If she had evidence, this could have e been a great paper.

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