Personal Cultural Observation in Mexico

Published: 2021-09-28 09:40:03
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In my adventure to find the right store for this assignment, I solicited the assistance of my neighbor. My neighbor, Edith Harbor and her husband Larry own a convenience store in Gaga Priest, located in the northern region of Sonata, Mexico so this was the venue of choice for me to observe for a few hours. Before entering the store, the first thing I observed was the modest appearance of the building. The building was not as fancy or modern as mom of the building in American.
It was covered in traditional Mexican colors and language written on the walls as well as locals seated on a bench outside the door. This reminded me of some of the local stores I was accustom to when growing up in Georgia. The local people were as observant of me as I was of them, paying close attention to what I was saying to my friend Edith. Edith was very familiar with many of the people in the area so she was able to introduce me to some of the people entering the store. One of the main things saw as well as smelled was garlic.
The reason for this is he Harbor own local garlic farmers and they just recently harvested the garlic which was being sold in their store. Edith also makes and sells tamales in their store, which are a traditional Mexican dish made out of corn. As I reflect on this experience, it forced me to pay very close attention to better understand what people were saying because they were primarily speaking Spanish. English being my native language, I had to watch what I said to ensure that I did not say anything offensive. I was very impressed with the way each person presented themselves in the way they interacted as well as he way they dressed.

Most American is not very courteous or considerate to their elders but I noticed how they would address their elders. This is something I was accustoming to from a youth growing up in the south being respectful Of my elders and this was displayed by many in Mexico. This observation also affected my intercultural communication in a way that has forced me to want to perfect my Spanish so could better interact with Edith and her family.

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