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Published: 2021-09-28 09:10:04
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Pretty little Liars as an BBC drama series that follow the lives of our best friends (Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily) after they find themselves at the center of a murder mystery when their best friend, Allison is killed; however, they grew apart but they still secrets binding them together. These characters are team oriented, optimistic, stressed and techno-savvy. They are all suffering from popularity and self-image issues of receiving mysterious messages from The helicopter parents affected our generation by always pressuring them to do better, and by examining that, this generation has evolved into being more individualistic.
Furthermore, this essay will depict how this generation has become self-reliant, more tolerant to diversity and acceptant to the differences in others; the T. V series Pretty Little Liars projects these characteristics of our generation. The BBC Family's highest- rated series "Pretty little Liars" debut on record across the network's target demographics. It ranked number one in key 12-34 demos and teens, becoming the number-one scripted show in Women 18-34, and Women 18-?49. The premiere was number two in the hour for total viewers, which generated 2. 7 million unique viewers.
The August 10, 201 0 "Summer Finale" episode drew an impressive 3. 07 million viewers. On June 28, 201 0, BBC Family ordered 12 more episodes of the show, bringing its total first-season order to 22. On January 10, 2011, BBC Family picked the show up for a second season that premiered on June 14, 2011. BBC Family renewed the show for a third season, which will consist of 24 episodes. On 4 October 2012, BBC Family announced that the show was renewed for a fourth season, again comprising 24 episodes. The second half of the third season began airing on January 8, 2013 and finished March 19, 2013.

Pretty Little Liars returned for Season 4 on June 11, 2013. On March 25, 201 3, it was again announced that Pretty Little Liars had been renewed for a fifth season scheduled for 2014 summer". (Wisped) Our pride in their self-reliance may make it difficult to ask for help, but then again we don't need help. Our generation love being there for themselves in everything, they love to obtain success by themselves, and they are so self-reliant. Spencer and Emily parents always pressures them to be great and do things that they claimed as valuable and important.
With so much positive/negative reinforcement from their parents and other authority figures, Spencer and Emily are so confident about the future. They want to prove their parents that they can do better all by themselves, and they want to do it individually. Without the help of their parents, families, or authority figure, and they pass through weird situations just to prove their individualism. "l know what was doing when I got myself into this, and I don't need any help from you mom, I will get myself out of the situation". (Emily).
Aria and Hanna also proved to their parents that they are great and responsible kids. Hanna mom left her alone in her house, when she went to jail for a crime she did not commit and she told Hanna "Go and stay with Emily and her mom until get out" Hanna respond was "No mom! I can take care of myself, just do the same and hurry and leave that cell". Aria parents got a divorce and her dad was an instructor, he wanted her to move on campus with him because he thought she and her brother could not take care of themselves but she told her "Daddy you brought me up as a strong Oman, go we will be fine".
A lot of us in this millennial generation is self- reliant and do things for ourselves, not wanting help from anyone or anything. Karl a 17 year old I spoke to about Pretty Little liars told me "I love watching that movie because sometimes feel like Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria are my friends. Okay, I admit -? feel like that all the time. But it's not my fault theft the coolest girls know, they makes me want to strive for greatness and be individualistic as possible" Regardless of our differences we are all the same.
Our generation is the Ernst diverse generation ever, unlike the older generation. Each character on the show has their own fashion style. You Eve got Aria who is hipster chic, and believe in arts. Spencer who is a walking J Crew ad, and an over achiever. Emily who is plain and boring, but also athletic, and Hanna who is trendy. Each of the character comes from a different background and cultures, but they are still friends. They all managed, worked together and tolerated each other diversity. Spencer mom was mad that she was friends with Aria just because Aria had a ink dye in her hair.
She said "Spencer that girl is not a very great friend for you, and who allows their 15 year old daughter dye her hair". However; Spencer still maintain her friendship with Aria, because we make decisions for ourselves and we tolerate any form of diversity. Eric I guy talked to said that he watch pretty little liars with his sisters because, "The name of the movie made me think it was a female movie, but it is really great, and It is very diverse, and the gender roles are not too many but I love it a lot.

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