Probable Signs of Pregnancy

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These are signs of pregnancy. Presumptive Which are classified as probable signs of pregnancy? Uterine enlargement Hegiras sign, positive pregnancy test A patient can be told that she is definitely pregnant when she has: Fetal heart sounds A woman calls the clinic to report that she had a positive home pregnancy test and asks hobby relax these are. The nurse's most appropriate response Is: Accuracy Is very high if the test instructions are followed exactly The laboratory test used to confirm pregnancy measures: HAG The mother's first recognition of fetal movements is referred to as: Quickening
Which change Is related to Increased progesterone levels? Deepening of the voice Which of the following is the cause of Loris's in pregnancy? As the uterus enlarges the center of gravity shifts, causing the women to lean back Which finding In a pregnant patient would require further assessment by the nurse? Blood pressure of 150/92 A patient in her third trimester of pregnancy complains of dizziness and faintness when she lies on her back. Which statement by the nurse is most appropriate? To improve the symptoms, lie on your left side have been very careful to take iron tablets and to eat a balanced diet.
The nurse's most appropriate response is: During pregnancy, the fluid portion of your blood increases, which dilutes your red blood cells Changes in the gastrointestinal system during pregnancy include: Increased saliva production One cause of frequent urination during pregnancy is: pressure of the gravid uterus on the bladder Melancholy-stimulating hormone (MS) is responsible for which of the following signs of pregnancy? Lineal Niagara A woman in her second trimester of pregnancy smiles and pats her abdomen when she feels the baby move.

She expresses a wish for a beautiful little girl and often alas about the baby in positive terms. These behaviors illustrate which developmental task of pregnancy? Fetal Distinction A woman who is 36 weeks pregnant tells the clinic nurse that she is considering taking ibuprofen for her back pain and muscle cramps. The nurse's best response is: Taking that medication could cause your baby to experience distress BC of premature changes in its cardiovascular system Which hormone stimulates uterine contractions and the milk ejection reflex in breastfeeding?
Extinction A patient tells the nurse that she is worried because her partner does not seem interested in the pregnancy. Which response by the nurse would be the most appropriate? Your partner will go through stages of adjustment to fatherhood The nurse is interviewing a woman in the clinic who thinks she might be pregnant. Which are presumptive signs of pregnancy? Amenorrhea Fatigue Breast tenderness A pregnant woman has three living children, one single and one twin birth, one preterm birth, and no abortions.
According to CATALPA, the nurse would record her pregnancy history as . 421031 A nurse is discussing preconception care with a group of women. She tells them that en purpose of preconception care is to: encourage healthy lifestyles The nurse is interviewing a woman during her first prenatal clinic visit. When the Blood samples will not be taken to test for conditions that could affect your pregnancy On her fourth prenatal visit, a patient asks why urine tests are done on every visit.
The most appropriate response is: We are testing for diabetes, which sometimes develops during pregnancy The purpose of Loophole's maneuvers is to determine: The presentation and position of the fetus One purpose of ultrasound imaging during pregnancy is to: Rule out fetal abnormalities Compared with amniocentesis, chronic villous sampling: Can be done earlier in A diagnostic test of the amniotic fluid to determine whether the fetus is likely to develop respiratory distress is: Lecithin/spellbinding ratio (LIST ratio) An elevated alpha-footprint (APP) level is consistent with: Neural tube defects The biophysical profile (BP) uses five observations, including: Gross body movements During a nonstarters test (NEST), a monitor records fetal heart rate when the mother senses fetal movement.
This test is used to assess: Fetal oxygenation and autonomic function Which statement correctly describes the contraction stress test (COST)? Uterine contractions must be induced. To prepare a woman for a contraction stress test using nipple stimulation, an appropriate instruction would be to: Brush your palm across the nipple of one breast for 2 to 3 minutes. A common discomfort in the first trimester of pregnancy is: Lakehurst On her second prenatal visit, a woman states that she feels like she needs to urinate "all the time, even during the night. " She says she has reduced her fluid intake to control this problem. The nurse should tell her to: "Drink more fluids during the day ND less in the evening. A teaching plan for self-care during pregnancy should include that: Hot tubs should be avoided because increased body temperature decreases placental blood To minimize heartburn, the pregnant patient should: Sit up for 30 minutes after eating. A woman in her third trimester is troubled by frequent leg cramps. Which measure would the nurse suggest to relieve the cramps? Stand with the feet flat on the floor when cramps occur. Self-care instruction for a pregnant woman to lessen backache should include: Wearing low-heeled shoes Wearing low-heeled shoes For a healthy pregnancy outcome, the recommended eight gain during pregnancy is: 1. 4 to 1. 8 keg(3 to 4 lbs) each month in the first trimester, then 0. keg(l lb) per week for a total of 11 to 16 keg(25 to 35 lbs) Fetal weight increases most during the: Third trimester To prevent supine hypertensive syndrome and to promote fetal perfusion during pregnancy, the teaching plan should include: Lying on the left side Self-care instruction for a pregnant woman often includes the pelvic rocking exercise, which helps: Relieve lower back pain Self-care instructions for a pregnant woman should include: Not wearing knee-high stockings Which factor is likely to contribute to the formation of varicose veins during pregnancy? Constipation In a prenatal class, one woman tells the nurse that she is a vegetarian and asks whether this poses a problem in relation to her pregnancy.
The nurse's most appropriate response is: minor care provider may order supplemental vitamins and calcium. " The nurse explains to a pregnant woman who does not like milk that other foods are good sources of calcium, such as: Green, leafy vegetables and tofu Pregnant women need increased vitamin A for fetal cell development, bone growth, ND tooth formation. One food that is high in vitamin A is: Carrots A pregnant woman should be instructed that good sources of iron are: broccoli and liver substituted for nutritious foods. Which statement by the nurse reflects the current philosophy of childbirth education? "l will tell you about your options for pain management so you can make a choice. Relaxation exercises, focusing, imagery, and flagrance are taught in childbirth education because they:: Are helpful in pain management during labor. The basic breathing patterns recommended during the first stage of labor include reheating. Modified-paced An exercise that strengthens perinea muscle tone and elasticity is the: Keel exercise Which sign should a pregnant woman report to her health care provider immediately? Angina Pain Which individual is at greatest risk for a high-risk pregnancy? A 15-year-old who is a vegetarian The assumption that all people of a particular culture think and behave in the same way is known as: Cultural stereotyping The pregnant woman asks why she should not receive a rubella virus immunization until after delivery.
Which response would be the most appropriate? "Live virus canines have a high risk of iatrogenic effects. " A nurse is explaining nonstarters testing to expectant parents. Which statement indicates that further teaching is necessary? "A reactive nonstarters test means that further assessment will be required. " At a prenatal visit, the patient discusses her vegetarian diet with the nurse and states that she does not feel her diet includes enough protein. Which food(s) should the nurse suggest she add to her diet? Peanut butter Cottage cheese Eggs Amniocentesis is one diagnostic tool used to assess fetal health and well-being, and it is used for what reason(s)?
Assessment of a genetic disorder Determining alpha-footprint levels Assessment of fetal lung maturity Chapter 13 One of the frequent causes of bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy is: Spontaneous abortion Causes of spontaneous abortion can include: Acute maternal infection A woman in her first trimester of pregnancy comes to the emergency department with moderate vaginal bleeding. She reports having had cramps earlier but has none now. This description is typical of a(n) abortion. Threatened Which statement is true of octopi pregnancy? The fertilized ovum is implanted outside of the uterus. After surgery for a hydrofoil mole, the woman should be advised that: She must have periodic blood studies and ultrasounds to monitor for coordination.
A woman in the third trimester of pregnancy presents to the emergency department with complaints of bright red vaginal bleeding. The nurse immediately suspects: Placenta Preview The nurse recognizes that digital vaginal examinations are contraindicated in pregnant women who are bleeding because: The examination may cause severe hemorrhage Which pregnant woman would the nurse suspect of having placenta preview? A Arvada 3, Para 2 in her twenty-eighth week of gestation who reports painless vaginal bleeding and whose blood pressure is 116/78 mm Hag Which scenario suggests abrupt placental? Tender, rigid uterus in the last trimester What complication should be suspected in the patient who has experienced abrupt placental, hydrofoil mole, or a retained dead fetus?
Disseminated intramuscular coagulation A woman with Re-negative blood is administered Aerogram following an abortion to prevent: Summarization in the mother The most typical signs and symptoms of gestational hypertension include: Proteins and hypertension The teaching plan for a woman with mild gestational hypertension who is being managed at home should include: Resting frequently and lying on the left side Before administering magnesium sulfate to a woman with severe gestational withhold the drug? Urinary output 20 murmur The pregnant patient is given magnesium sulfate. The drug has been effective if: Seizure activity is absent. What is the difference between proclaims and clamps?
The central nervous system is involved with clamps but not with proclaims. Which factor places the pregnant woman at risk for thermoelectric disease? Even VA compression A pregnant woman who has been hospitalized for deep vein thrombosis (DTV) suddenly complains of difficulty breathing and chest pain. Her heart rate is 120 beats/minute. The nurse should suspect what complication? Pulmonary embolism The nurse recognizes that the primary effect of pregnancy on a woman with a preexisting heart disease is: The workload of the heart is greatly increased. When a woman with heart disease becomes pregnant, what precautions will the nurse advise her to take? "Immediately report dyspepsia, fatigue, or edema. The nurse is counseling a prenatal patient on nutrition. He notes that her health care provider has ordered 300 MGM of ferrous sulfate each day. What patient teaching is indicated? Inform stools will be dark and sticky when you are taking iron. " Hyperemia gravitated is: Persistent, severe vomiting during pregnancy The effect of pregnancy on glucose metabolism is to: Antagonize insulin, which causes serum glucose to rise. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the patient with presentational diabetes usually requires: Less insulin than before her pregnancy A pregnant woman has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She asks the nurse whether that means she will have to take insulin.
The nurse's best response is: "Some women need insulin, but you may be able to control your diabetes with diet. " A maternal complication that can result from diabetes mellitus is: Hydrations A woman asks the nurse why she should take precautions against getting rubella if she thinks she might be pregnant. The nurse explains that the occurrence of maternal rubella during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy could lead to which fetal malformations? Cataracts, cardiac defects, and deafness of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine can cause fetal growth retardation. During an assessment of an infant born to an intravenous drug abuser, the nurse should recognize which sign(s) and/or symptom(s) as indicative of drug withdrawal?
Tremor and hyperactive reflexes What information will the nurse give to a pregnant woman with heart disease regarding her second stage of labor? She will not be able to have any anesthesia. A woman with heart disease has delivered and is now in the postpartum unit. When caring for this woman, the nurse recognizes that: Major circulatory readjustment in the postpartum period may cause heart failure even 4 or 5 days postpartum The nurse has been teaching a pregnant woman at 32 weeks' gestation about signs and symptoms of gestational hypertension and potential warning signs of possible complications. The nurse recognizes the need for further teaching when the woman "If I have a headache, I will take some acetaminophen. States: A woman with severe gestational hypertension is receiving a continuous intravenous infusion of magnesium sulfate. Which assessment finding would indicate the need for further intervention? Absent deep tendon reflexes A nurse is caring for a woman who has been hypertensive since her thirty-fourth eek of gestation. Assessment findings include urine protein +3, platelet count 95,000 mm, and elevated EAST and ALT levels. The nurse should suspect the development of which of the following? HELP syndrome A newly delivered woman who was treated for proclaims during labor says to the nurse, "Why are you still checking my blood pressure, reflexes, respirations, and urine so often?
I thought delivery of my baby would take care of the problem. " The most appropriate response would be: Mimi are still at risk for seizures for the first forty- eight hours after birth. " The patient asks why she has been having urinary tract infections (It's) more frequently since becoming pregnant. The nurse explains that which of the following factor(s) predispose(s) the pregnant patient to It's? Compression of the Reuters Decreased urine flow to the bladder Relaxation of the bladder muscle Gloriously favoring bacterial growth birth because of abrupt placental. The nurse recognizes that she must be alert for which sign(s) and/or symptom(s)?
Bleeding gums Bleeding from injection sites Apostasies Dry skin The nurse recognizes that parents who suffer a perennial loss will often exhibit which f the following behaviors? Denial Anger Acceptance Euphoria Chapter 20 The pain associated with endometriosis is caused by: Monthly bleeding of extraction endometrial tissue Which statement is true of toxic shock syndrome? Rash fever and flu-like symptoms are typical Women who experience premenstrual syndrome (MS), also known as ovarian cycle syndrome, should be advised that: Strategies that help manage stress may reduce symptoms. The physical changes of menopause are the result of: Lowered estrogen level A class for older women focuses on prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. One Oman asks how to tell if she is at risk for osteoporosis.

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