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Published: 2021-09-27 07:10:03
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It's something taught from generation to generation, as we can see in the scene where the father of Everett, a white young boy, ask for people to make way for his son to look in a grave full of dead bodies of African Americans, as if he had to be proud of it. The father keeps trying to teach the little boy how to hate and how to mistreat black people, as we see In the part where he teaches his son to tie a hangman's knot and when he forbids the kid to play with his little friend, who Is black.
If the racism shown In the movie had an rolling, It could be the Jealousy the white people had of the things the black females owned. In Rosewood, they would run their own business and live In ace, not only with each other but also with some of the white people who also lived there, such as Mr.. Wright, the white grocer, who seemed to like his neighbors. At one point of the movie, a black traveler arrives in town on a horse, and he is considered a key element to the story. Mr..
Mann is rich, and bids at the auction by Mr.. Wright, who owns lots of land. At the same time, the population hears something about a black guy who had just escaped prison, so they start wondering if Mr.. Mann is the refugee. He could also be the man who is known to be the one that violated the white woman. The mall scene of the movie shows the part where the white woman Is beaten by her lover. She tells everyone she was violated by a black guy who would have Invaded her house.

And she does that, lying to everyone In town, In order to hide her affair from her husband, who was really violent, too. It is clear that it was much easier and convincing for her to make up a story blaming a black guy than just telling the truth and ending up being judged. This attitude made the racist white population search for the invader and, under the excuse of putting an end to any chance of it appending again, they start killing lots of African Americans, starting a massacre.
The oppression had taken such a big proportion that two black women, who were working near the house of the white woman and had also seen it all happening, did not have the courage to tell the truth, afraid of being attacked, and thus they believed they were protecting their families. Although the Information they had was useful, It was already too late for they to tell the truth and save everyone from the butchery. Another Important element in the story are the attitudes of the sheriff of the town, ho was white, and tried Ineffectively to show that he had an Idea of what may have happened, but he wasn't being heard by anyone.
Even though he knew that the white of the community, which objective was finding and killing the black invader (and as many black people they could kill). However, there was still hope. Mr.. Mann, who had just arrived in town, was the man who would try and be able to defend the black community, becoming a kind of leader. As he was accused by attacking the white woman, he was hanged. But, somehow, he managed to escape from the gibbet, even Hough he was already being hung.
After that, he runs to meet the families he left waiting so they could actually run to another place where they would be free. He could, then, be considered a hero, once he managed to save women and children by helping them escape from Rosewood and that is why there was someone left to tell us the real version of the story. The movie is about a important story told in a quite depressive way, not only because it portraits the reality in a sad way, but mainly because it is the reality of a town that was devastated by the violence and inhumanity caused by the racism.

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