Richard Wilbur’s Poem The Boy at the Window

Published: 2021-09-29 11:40:03
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The boy at the window Eng 125 January 10, 2012 Poetry it is a very real thing as well as emotional. Many people use poetry to write love poems, or even about certain things like in the poem “The Boy at the window” (Richard Wilbur). In this poem it shows a lot of emotions as I will discuss in the paragraphs to follow. Poems also are funny or scary. Poems really can be about whatever you want them to be about. He states in his audio that his five year old son was upset that his father didn’t invite the snowman in and make him comfortable.
The imaginative language of this poem was very interesting. When I first went through and read the poem to myself it seemed as if he was portraying the poem to be very sad. Having a snowman melt away is a very sad thing for a child and at times they really don’t understand why they are there one day and then gone the next. When I listened to the poem in the audio version it kind of was meant as humor in parts of it. It seemed to really come to life when you could hear people laughing in the back ground and to hear how he read it.
Figurative language is used in this poem as well a few times. When he states “the pale-faced figure with bitumen eyes” instead he could have said something simple like the snowman with the coal eyes. I believe this language is used in many poems to make the poems unique. I think that a poem that throws a little twist in it is something that is very interesting. Irony is also characterized in this poem. The five year old boy expects that the snowman is always going to be there but what really happens is that he melts away.

This is irony because it is shows something that was expected and then something totally different occurs. I had to read the poem several times and listen to before I really understood the different elements that were in it. At least it took some time to really figure the elements that fit good to this poem. There really could be more but I think that the ones that I chose fit really well. The elements in this poem did not affect my opinion on the content of the poem.
My opinion of the poem wouldn’t change no matter the element. I found it somewhat a challenge to pin point three particular elements when reading the poem because I think that there could be many. When I found one element that fit it right then I really had to think about how it worked with it and so on. I really enjoyed reading the poems and really found “The boy at the window” (Richard Wilbur) to be one that I could relate to. When I was a kid I would build snowman all the time and then wonder why they would go away.
Then you got the song Frosty the snowman which actually if you listen to the lyrics they are actually pretty sad when you get thinking about it. I am now put in the same situation when building a snowman with my son and have to explain what goes on when building a snowman. References Ashford University Journey into literature Ashford University library  e-library Copyright of Computational & Mathematical Methods in Medicine is the property of Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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