Solutions to Hurricane Sandy

Published: 2021-09-30 06:45:05
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Dear New Yorkers, Last week, Super storm Sandy tore up the East Coast, leaving a path of immeasurable destruction and devastation in its wake. In addition, while many are still reeling and searching for necessities, we are reminded that some challenges like not having access to gas, water, electricity and damage to houses get resolved as soon as possible. It is imperative that we change these problems and fix them. That is why people like the American Cancer Society, ConEdison and volunteers are here around the clock to offer those facing trials and tribulations the information and support they continue to need.
As New Yorkers, we will fight to the finish to make sure everything will be in tiptop shape again. While the damage and disruption that Sandy brought across the Eastern US continues to be assessed, as we move through energy and gasoline, housing is really the Number 1 concern. Many homeowners will most likely rebuild their homes. Unfortunately, no one can stop Mother Nature and this weather-related catastrophe could happen again. Restructuring the sand dunes to even greater heights will only allow the tropical and hurricane force winds to displace more sand and Atlantic Ocean salt water on the streets and into the homes and businesses.
However, there is a way to alleviate some of the problems. All the municipalities along the entire New Jersey coastline should require the homeowners to rebuild their homes above ground level. These homes should be built on pilings that are anchored deep into the ground with a minimum height requirement of 6 feet above ground level. The sand dunes should be rebuilt on a minimum height scale. This would mean less displacement of sand throughout the towns. Hundreds of cars lined up for gasoline while other gas stations, with millions of gallons statewide, sit empty because they have no power to operate their pumps.

I know as New Yorkers we have questions such as why is the installation of generators in gas stations a statutory requirement for operating a gas station. Meanwhile, traffic signals at major intersections are out, creating dangerous driving conditions, while the streetlights adjacent to the traffic lights have power and are on. I know it does not take an electrical engineer to figure out what is wrong with that picture. Well the fact of the matter is, people still had to go to work and school. Therefore, they had to do what they saw best fit, which was driving.
Fortunately, more gas tankers and barges are coming to the area and 'there will be more of a supply of gas,' but that availability problems may continue for a few more days. The relentless dedication of our millions of supporters enables our society to deliver on our mission of saving lives by helping people stay well. In addition, helping people get well together, we can emerge from any storm that comes our way and continue to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and secure. -Mayor

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