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Published: 2021-09-27 08:50:03
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Search for Self Conflict arises between two incomparable social groups, resulting in tragic deaths. In the novel The Outsiders by S. E Hint, two separate gangs, the Soc and Greasers, are at constant contention. The Outsiders takes place In Oklahoma, the sass's. Hint uses the character, Pony Curtis to explain why It doesn't matter what social position you are In. The message she Is trying to get across to the readers Is you are your own person, and you don't have to be classified as anyone else but yourself.
Throughout the novel Pony becomes more sophisticated, by learning to reaffirm is own values and sense of self. He progressively matures through the course of the novel in many different ways by experiencing things he would have never imagined going through. Pony never admired the girls that were Greasers but one night he found the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, she was a Soc and she had different standards for her romantic companion. Pony knows his position in society but that never held him back from falling for the delectable Cherry Valance.
Heartbreaking for him, she was more of the girl to fall for "bad-boys" unlike Pony. It wasn't Johnny's fault Bob was a booze-hound and Cherry went for boys bound for By the end of the novel, Pony finally comes to the realization of thinking of Cherry as more of a friend, rather than having romantic affections for her. He shows sensitivity and understanding by appreciating their differences and accepting her feelings towards him. A second way Pony has changed is by learning the consequences of his own mistakes and wrong doings.

After Running away was always Pony supreme speculation on finding a place he felt acknowledgment, "Come on, Johnny, we're running )After coming home late, his older protective brother Dairy, who has taken over responsibility of Pony and Soda after their parents passed away, is very furious with him. As a result of his outrage, he ends up hitting Pony. Devastated, Pony runs away, and relies on one of the gang members to keep him up to date on what Is going on. He Is then stuck In an abandoned church starving for news to come from his confidant.
As a result of his actions, Pony learns how big of an Impact his family and friends have n him. The biggest impact that changed Pony throughout the novel was the realization of his brother's feelings towards him. In the beginning of the novel, Pony is rebellious against his oldest brother Dairy, "Me and Dairy just didn't dig each other. "(p. 13)He felt like Dairy was only out to get after him, and that Pony was never exceptional enough. Even though Dairy is stricter than their parents, he was only trying to make the best of Pony, which he came to realize at the end. Dairy did care about me, maybe as much as he cared about Soda, and because he eared he was trying too hard to make something of me. "(p. 98)After trying to block Dairy out, Pony finally figured it out for himself after seeing the agony he has put Dairy through.

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