Why My Education Is Important

Published: 2021-09-30 01:50:05
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Why My Education is Important? I often dream about having a successful career in the business world, but to achieve this goal, I must have an education. Education is extremely important to me. In the business world, success depends on lots of knowledge. In my opinion, education is the foundation of life, and it also increases my knowledge around the world. However, the most important thing about education is that education opens up the window of opportunities. The world of business is a very complicated place in which to survive.
For example; the stock market can change it's mood every single day. What I mean by that is, a stock can change its value at any moment. People who are involved in the stock market struggle between becoming poor or becoming rich. To be able always to stay on the winners side, I need lots of education. Education helps me to make good decisions in the business world and for my life. Not just in business, education will also benefit me throughout my life, personally and socially. An education should help me to have less financial problems. It will enable me to become independent.
My educational experiences have provided me with many opportunities to solve problems in every day life. The education which I have received in history classes,for instance, has provided me with cultural information from every country. I believe education will help to build a circle of people who will be important to me in my career in the future. In summary, why education is important to me? Education helps me to understand the business world. It prepares me for a better future and numerous other things of which at this time I am unaware.

The most important reason education is so important to me is that education opens windows for me and it gives me opportunities for a better quality of life. My parents and many of my teachers (Mrs. Kirker, Coach Bowman and many more) care about my education. They explain why education is important to me almost every time they have a chance. As a responsible teenage adult, I need to focus on my education and elevate my educational level, so that my chances of having a difficult future will be less!

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