Cold War

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Political Science – The Cold War

The Cold War was a period of entrenched, ideological opposition, between the East Bloc-?the Soviet Union ND its allies-?and the West Bloc-?the united States and its allies-?in which both sides did eve...

Published: 2021-09-28 12:10:03

Post Cold War

Explain why the ending of the Cold War was not followed by a period of world peace and stability. The ending of the cold war did not leave any sign of hope for the world to live in peace and prosperit...

Published: 2021-09-28 00:00:03

The Cold War

Book Review Assignment TITLE OF THE BOOK: “The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction” by Robert McMahon This review focuses on one of the themes of the course, Main Currents of Modern History OBJECT...

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Time Line of the Cold War, Significant Events.

1. Timeline of the blockade, 1948: January: The US and British Zones in Berlin and the rest of Germany merged into one economic unit, known as Bizonia. March: Soviet representatives walked out of the ...

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Truman Doctrine

Truman Doctrine Ryan Hauppa A. Plan of Investigation The following questions will be investigated: What were the events and decisions that led to the development of the Truman Doctrine? What was its e...

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